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The Pros and Cons of In-House Care Facility (in Rawalpindi)

It is not uncommon for our parents to ask us whether we will keep them in our houses or live with them after we grow up as they grow old. 

Although they ask this question jokingly, most children always take it seriously and provide assurance that they will never leave their parents alone. 

I know, it is too much to process for young minds and they don’t use logic while answering this question.

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Looking back at those days, if your elderly parents are severely sick and dependent on you for several day-to-day tasks – you might have contemplated sending them to a nursing home at some point. 

If you are a grown up and juggling several responsibilities at the same time while you often find yourself in the same conundrum that was once a hypothetical situation. If you are not sure what is the right thing to do? Well, I have got good news for you!

Some people prefer staying close to their aging parents and avail home care services in Rawalpindi. They arrange for in-house nurses that can take care of their parents. 

It means, you will no longer have to make extreme choices when it comes to caring for your elderly parents. Thanks to increasing number of home care facilities, many grown children 

If you’re wondering whether or not home care facilities are the right option for your aging parents, then I have discussed some pros and cons of home nursing services below. It will help you make a well-informed decision. 

Let’s take a look!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Care Services and In-House Nursing 

Here are some pros and cons of availing home care facilities and : in-house nursing services in Rawalpindi:

Pros: You and your elderly can stay close 

The biggest pros of home care services in Rawalpindi is that both children and parents can stay close to each other. 

It is extremely crucial when you have children and your parents want to stay close to their grandchildren. 

The children can grow along with their grandparents while they can make memories with them. 

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Cons: Absence of intensive care and equipment 

No matter how luxurious your home is, it cannot replicate the features of a nursing center.

If your elderly parents are severely ill and they need to be rushed to the hospital every now and then for emergency treatment and other such stuff, then home nursing is not an option for you. 

However, you can train the nurses to keep the emergency numbers on the speed dial. You can give them a manual on how to go about when an emergency occurs with your parents. 

Pros: Your parents can have guests and unlimited phone calls

The issue with nursing centers is that they have limited visiting hours and specific time for calling. 

When your elderly parents are staying at home and being taken care by nurses in the comfort of their home, they can have as many guests as they want, as often as they want. 

They can have unlimited phone calls. In a way, their personal life will not be affected and they can stay close to their friends, cousins, siblings, and other relatives. 

Cons: Lack of privacy and comfort 

No matter how comfortable a nursing home is, it cannot replicate the same comforts as your home. 

Even if they do, there’s an element of privacy at home which is not the same at nursing centers.

The nurses can change often due to their shift timings and other responsibilities. Even if a person gets comfortable with a bunch of attendants, there’s no guarantee that it will remain the same or they will not quit their job for better opportunities.

In comparison with home care services, the privacy of your elderly parents is not invaded. They don’t feel embarrassed or shy. 

They can instantly share their feelings with you. Their discomfort can be tackled in a matter of minutes. 

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