Ash Roberts Inspiration: Who Is Behind The Creativity She Evokes?

What inspires an artist like Ash Roberts to create her striking and thought-provoking paintings? 

As an accomplished artist, Roberts draws inspiration from various sources, including her deep connection to the natural world, her artistic influences, and her exploration of philosophical concepts.

Let’s understand the elements that fuel Roberts’ creativity and artistry.

A Childhood Rooted In Nature 

Ash Roberts’ connection to the natural world can be traced back to her childhood. 

Growing up, she learned about the artistry of nature from her parents who worked as landscape designers. This early exposure to the beauty and complexity of nature left a lasting impression on her. 

Roberts explains, “You learn early on that nature is the best metaphor.” This poetic sensibility has shaped her approach to art and her ability to capture the essence of nature.

Evoking A Sensation Through Color 

Ash Roberts’ ethereal color palette is one of the most striking aspects of her work!

Her paintings evoke the sensation of nature’s transience, focusing on the fleeting beauty of the world around her. 

Roberts is inspired by impressionist techniques, and her work draws comparisons to artists such as Monet. However, her unique perspective allows her to convey nature’s essence in a contemporary context.

Roberts is also influenced by abstract expressionist painters like Joan Mitchell, whose work she admires. Mitchell responded to the same sliver of landscape in Giverny that Monet painted, many decades earlier. 

This shared inspiration emphasizes the timelessness of nature as a source of artistic expression.

Influences from Color Field Painters

Another significant influence on Ash Roberts’ work is the Color Field movement of the 1960s and ’70s. 

Artists like Helen Frankenthaler paved the way for Roberts’ use of large swaths of uninterrupted color in Ash Roberts’ paintings. This technique creates a melange of different tones that gradually crystallize into areas of figuration, such as flowers, leaves, or lily pads. 

This interplay of abstraction and figuration gives her work a dynamic and captivating quality.

Incorporating Gold Leaf and Japanese Techniques

In recent developments, Ash Roberts has incorporated gold leaf into her paintings. This use of gold leaf can take the form of an all-over wash or an accent within her work. 

The incorporation of this element draws inspiration from the Japanese technique of Kintsugi and the philosophy of Wabi Sabi. These concepts explore beauty, value, and imperfection, adding depth and layers of meaning to her art.

As Roberts explains, “My work is about nature, or rather, the ephemeral things in nature – the fleeting experiences that only last a certain time, or that you can’t quite articulate in words.” 

This focus on capturing the transient moments of nature adds a poetic quality to Ash Roberts’ paintings.

Recent Collaborations and Commissions

Roberts’ work has garnered attention and acclaim, leading to exciting collaborations and commissions. 

In 2023, she collaborated with Rowse, an emerging brand in the wellness and beauty industry. Her art also caught the eye of Festen Architecture, resulting in a commission for a 300-square-foot mural on view in Soho, NYC. 

These projects demonstrate the versatility and appeal of Ash Roberts as an artist across various mediums and contexts.

Final Words

Ash Roberts’ artistry is a blend of her deep connection to nature, her admiration for impressionist and abstract expressionist painters, and her exploration of philosophical concepts. 

Her ability to evoke sensations through her ethereal color palette and incorporation of gold leaf showcases her unique vision and talent.

Through her art, Roberts encourages viewers to appreciate the fleeting beauty of nature and reflect on the complex relationship between humans and the environment. 

Her work serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the natural world for future generations to enjoy and draw inspiration from.

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