How to Learn to Draw Professionally Step by Step

It is not a lie that many of those who want to draw professionally seek a step-by-step method …

… To be able to develop this discipline more quickly and efficiently.

What very few know is that the truth is …

… Making a step-by-step guide to learn to draw is really complicated but not impossible.

Here I will be teaching you the best easy drawing tutorials techniques so you can learn to draw in a professional way and step by step.

With this totally free guide, you will learn many things, from things as simple as grasping or holding the pencil.

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Going through techniques and training until reaching the use of more advanced techniques for much more elaborate drawings.

There are very few sites that you will find where they teach you to draw in a freeway, here in practice, you will find everything you need for you to be a professional in this discipline and all totally free.

I am not going to lie to you, draw, at first it is hard work that requires perseverance and practice, but with certain steps and techniques you will make this task more bearable and learning more effective.

If you want to follow this guide and not miss a thing, then click here to download the best guide.

Draw well from scratch

To learn to draw from scratch you have to follow certain steps and keep a few things in mind.

First, when you are starting to draw you do not need a special pencil, you could even start drawing with a simple lead holder, but on my own recommendation, I tell you that you use soft graphite, if you use a very hard one, the drawing will become very cumbersome.

Many at the beginning want to start drawing what comes to their imagination and that the drawings come out as if they were professionals.

The truth is that we must start by drawing what we see, if we do not know how to draw what we see, then we will not know how to draw what we have in mind.

Then the sheet is important, some white sheets are always good to carry by hand. If you are in the capacity, buy a notebook or a small pad of white sheets and take it with your pencil preferably wherever you go, you will see that in your free time you can draw everything you see, and thus your desire to draw professionally, will increase.

You may think that if you draw everything you see, then you will feed your creativity much more like cool drawing ideas, and the truth is that it is true, but one way to feed your creativity much more is by reading.

Yes, reading is extremely important if you want to draw like the best, in this way you will feed your creativity to the fullest and you will see that.

Program to Learn to Draw Step by Step

In this program to learn to draw step by step, you will see, understand, and learn how to draw whatever you want.

I will teach you the best techniques for you to become a professional drawing or simply someone who performs this discipline for simple hobbies.

The best thing about this guide is that in addition to being totally free, you only need a pencil, paper, and a desire to learn.

Maybe many times you feel the desire to stop practicing because you think you are not advanced, and this is a lie, it is a matter of constancy, if you want to stay informed, then click here so that I can send you the best techniques and advances of this guide.

No matter how old you are, to draw well you just need a little perseverance and a lot of desire to produce art!

The truth is that at first, it can become somewhat tedious, I’m not going to lie to you, but as you progress, the fun of drawing will increase.

You will see below the different parts of the guide to draw well, what you will be seeing, and in the end, you can go to the first part.

1. The Art of Knowing How to Start. First steps

If you do not know where to start, this first part will teach you the first steps of a draftsman, the techniques to start off on the right foot, if you have already started drawing before, this first part will teach you how to guide yourself on a good path as a draftsman.

Surely you started by drawing tutorials something extremely complicated that took you days to finish and then find yourself with a less than average job, well, here I will teach you what to do so that that does not happen again and you start making good drawings.

2. Draw Anything with Your Pencil

Now that you know how to start, then now you will learn to draw anything with your pencil. The pencil can become the best tool for any draftsman, although there are also preferences for other tools.

To learn to draw, we first have to start with the pencil, this will be our best ally, the one that we will never abandon and take where we go (along with our sketchbook of course).

To be a good drawing professional, the pencil is the first step, it is the one that will allow us to make all kinds of sketches in record time because the idea is also to reduce the time in which we finish the drawings by increasing their quality.

3. Drawing for Beginners

We cannot go directly to drawing entire cities, aliens, or extensive chivalry. First, you have to start with the basics, we are still beginners and we must draw objects for beginners.

Here learning to draw step by step is the daily bread, you will see the basic ways that every beginner must know to become a professional.

Drawing lines, working with the environment, and more.

Every professional artist went through being a beginner and little by little they increased their level with constancy, you will be next.


TTTCA are acronyms that I have invented to refer to “techniques, tricks, tips, advice, and activities to learn to draw professionally step by step “, 

In this section, I am going to teach you many techniques, tips, tips, tricks, and activities to improve your drawings.

It is essential to have a series of tricks so that these become a habit when drawing, in this way your drawings will have a much more professional finish and anyone’s eyes will look great.

With these TTTCA you will see that drawing will be much easier for you, you will draw with greater fluidity, the shape and perspective will be simple in your eyes and you will really turn your art into something that you really like and others like.

5. The Best Cartoonist: A Boy

Even the little ones can learn to draw step by step, at a younger age, it is much easier to nurture creativity, so drawing, in the long run, will become a much easier task.

Do not underestimate the power of drawing for kids, they too can draw well quite quickly and even with almost the same quality.

If you are a child or you know a child who likes to draw, here you will learn real maneuvers or techniques for the learning of the smallest of the home.

This would be a much more fun job and it will become somewhat professional over time.

6. The Human Body Part by Part

The good begins to arrive. You may see in many guides that the management of the human body is essential to learn to draw professionally and you will get tired of always seeing the same thing, but why is the human body essential to learn this trade?

The human body offers us a fairly extensive panorama of a large number of lines and shapes of all sizes; With the human body, we can learn much more about drawing well than with any other object, in addition to the fact that the human body is the basis for drawing any creature.

That together with the anatomy is essential to draw well.

7. Be A Portrait Professional

Drawing faces from your imagination can be easy, but learning to draw portraits can be a real problem.

Making a portrait of someone you know at first can become a bit complicated, and drawing faces with good accuracy is somewhat complicated, but in this part of the guide, 

Step by step you will learn how to draw faces or rather portraits, which will cost a bit at first but with some practice and with the advice that I am going to offer you, it will be much easier and more bearable.

8. Caricature of the body and face

Drawing cartoons is quite an interesting task and it is really a lot of fun. Caricaturing a body or an object is really fun, so much so that there are cartoonists who are only interested in making cartoons.

Learning to draw cartoons can be a simple task, the truth is that you don’t need to know how to draw the face or objects perfectly because the caricatured one does is exaggerate it, which we love about the caricatured one.

Cartoons give a lot of laughter and leave a lot of smiles, which is what you really want, if you want to learn how to make these cartoons, this is the perfect time for you.

9. Animal Anatomy

We already went through learning how to draw the human body, but now we want to learn about animals.

If you start to study a little about anatomy you will see that the human body is almost similar to an animal with four legs, so at first, it will be common sense to draw animals.

With the passage of time, you will realize that many animals are different from each other and that drawing them perfectly is a task that must be taken care of, but it is not impossible, in fact, I will be teaching you how you can make these cool drawing idea become a lot easier and quickly learn to draw all the animals.

10. The Perspective, Objects, Landscapes More

There is nothing impossible in the world of drawing, at the end of the day it is about capturing ideas through graphic representations in some medium, be it paper or in some material such as walls, floors, skin, and more.

Perspective is something that is played with many times in the world of drawing, and it is really important to learn to draw landscapes and objects that we find in the environment with a good perspective.

With this chapter of the guide, you will learn that perspective will give you the power to draw entire scenarios with the simple power of imagination or with simple lines, you decide.

11. Trace the Car Route

And it is that in this blog you will learn to draw whatever, as you can see, this chapter you will see that cars or any type of device that serves to move will be what you have to draw.

But why a car? The answer is that drawing a car or car can actually be done quite an interesting task when they are moving, so what we can learn here is about those cars in motion.

It is different to draw something in motion than something static, you just imagine it, you may think it is easy, but you can make it as elaborate as possible.

12. Learn to Draw with Videos

Also, throughout the guide, you will be watching videos as a support material to learn to draw well step by step, but this time you will see a series of videos to improve your drawing technique and have the opportunity to become the best.

It is much more practical to watch videos, so throughout this guide, I will be leaving you videos so you can see how you can improve this art of drawing, so go ahead and realize that with some perseverance you can learn from this art of drawing quickly and you will be very proud of what you will be accomplishing.

13. Drawing References to Learn to Draw

Look at drawing by professionals so you can see how and what their progress was when they started drawing, they all started from scratch, making simple scribbles and simple shapes, they started like you but you can end up like them and become better than them.

It’s good to see reference images from other cartoonists for inspiration, but more than inspiration, as learning, learning is really paramount in this free guide, so if you are still a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced, then start reading what he prepared for you and continues to strive day by day.

14. Educational Games to Learn to Draw

Many will know that with didactic games you learn a lot, so much so that we can learn to make good drawings with didactic games both online and at home at a table.

Perhaps this can be referred to as a technique, that is up to you. With games, you can have fun while doing what you enjoy, such as drawing.

Here I give you all the necessary information so that drawing does not become something tedious, at the end of the day it is something we all want to do and that drawing may define our future or not, that depends on you if you want to be a professional or not, but if you do it just for hobbies, don’t worry that this can also be useful to you.

Maybe A Tutorial to Learn to Draw?

This could also be considered as a tutorial for you to learn about how to draw step by step without missing anything at all, the truth is that you give it your name, I just want to help you make this beautiful art in a way more bearable.

Guide or tutorial? The truth is that no matter what you call it, the only idea is to learn to be better, learn to love what you do, love what you put on paper, that is what you want to achieve and you can do it if you are persistent and constant.

And that is not the best of all, it is not only the guide that I will be offering you, a guide that contains techniques, tips, advice, help and more so that you can improve your drawings and become a qualified draftsman to be able to present your works and maybe earn money with something you like to do, who knows.

At this time, you may know how to draw decently, but there will always be a way to improve, you can improve what you do, you can exploit that desire to learn to the maximum, you can fully exploit that potential that you have hidden within you, and then realize that this could turn out to be a perfect vocation for you.

A Totally Free Guide to Learn to Draw!

If, as you see it, a totally free guide to know how to draw professionally and step by step, join this boat of emotions that drawing has never been so fun.

Only you can know if you have that potential to be a good draftsman, to take out and take advantage of all that potential that you carry inside, many will give up on the path of drawing but the truth is that every practice deserves its great effort because what is well done, what is spent time brings great results.

Or is it that you think that the great cartoonists were born with this ability, well no, they were not born with this ability, they, through years of pencil and paper effort, became what they are today and you can be like them.

If you are already someone with experience in drawing but you got stuck, then this guide is perfect for you, and not only that, not only do you stay with the guide that I am offering you, around this page, you will see countless tips for you.

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Step by Step Manual to Learn to Draw Well

Make this guide your manual to know how to draw step by step, because I repeat it again, here you will learn a lot, at each point of the program to draw you will see a link that will redirect you to a chapter so that you exploit your knowledge to the maximum.

At the end of each guide, you will see a small task so that you can commit much more to learning, because if you read this manual or guide without even practicing you will not be doing anything, and what I am looking for is that you learn with your own effort and the help that here I am offering you.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can start to do today, be constant, that is what is needed primarily in the world of drawing, someone constant is someone who can achieve everything.

Now that you have your free guide plus the bonuses then save it on your preferred portable device and when you go out and want to draw something but have no idea where to start, you can take out this reference guide and start drawing.

It will become quite simple, something that you can do with ease, but that is not everything, the best part is coming.

This is something that can become a task that you can monetize, that is, a task where you can start making money for yourself by doing what you like from home with a simple pencil and paper.

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