How to Choose A Wig to Match Your Face Shape?

Want to choose a good hairstyle on a wig according to your face? Well, we are here to help you in that. In this article, we will give a complete guide on how to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of your face. So let’s begin!

Your first wig purchase- what should you look for?

There are several rules to follow when choosing wigs and deep wave lace frontal. A well-chosen hairstyle will not only give you self-confidence but also create a positive aura around you. What should you follow? 

Synthetic or Natural Wig?

Synthetic wigs are different from natural wigs in appearance and hair quality. However, this difference is too small to be seen or noticed. Thanks to modern production technologies, artificial wigs perfectly imitate a natural hairstyle. The more significant difference is styling capabilities. While a synthetic wig has a one-off hairstyle whereas a natural hair wig can be trimmed, modeled, and colored by a reliable hairdresser.  

You can also use other styling appliances including straightener, curler on human hair for styling. Dryer is the best option to dry your natural wig because human hair wigs are resistant to heat whereas a synthetic wig is not resistant  to high temperatures, so it should be kept away from all heating appliances. Experts recommend using polish on both wigs, but it is worth purchasing a special hair polish. 

A natural wig is much more expensive than a synthetic wig, but it’s really worth investing in the former . Natural wigs are recommended to everyone who wants their hair to look natural.  Whereas, a synthetic wig is a good solution when we want to provide the perfect sneak without the possibility of additional styling.  

Wig and Face Shape

One of the beauty secrets is a perfectly matched hairstyle and if you learn the secret, you can also match your face to your hair, which will highlight the strengths of your beauty and hide the flaws. 

Choosing the right hairstyle is an individual matter. Only a hairstyle matched to the shape of the face will help achieve this feat and work wonders. 

The first step is to look at facial features. Stand in front of a mirror and comb your hair back. If you have bangs, wear a headband or pin it on with hairpins. Then use lipstick to circle your face on the mirror. You can also use a photo where you can mark the outline with a pen. Stylists distinguish four main face shapes: square, triangle, oval and round. 

Triangular face – you have a wide forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a small chin – your face is triangular.

Hairstyle for you:

– Hair of medium length, filtered (straight or curly) with a side parting

– Classic bob

– Wear short bangs or deep curly frontal, but if you like longer ones, you should always push them aside to reveal part of your forehead and slightly cover your cheeks.

– You should definitely hide your cheekbones. A good solution is a parting on the side and hair on one side, combed behind the ear.

– The lower part of the face should extend through fluffy or wavy hair ends. In addition, they hide the chin and will be an excellent counterbalance to a wide forehead. The tips can also be heavily profiled and wound.


– Short hedgehog hairstyles 

– open forehead

– Cut out the back of the head

– Longtails

– High kitsch

Oval face – regular facial features; the most versatile that suits most hairstyles.

Hairstyle for you:

– You can choose straight hairstyles or soft curls, and retro hairstyles will suit you too.

– With bangs, you will look more interesting. Long bangs, slightly combed to one side, will round out a long oval face. The bangs are short and straight or slightly serrated.

– You can accentuate your cheekbones by combing your hair back smoothly.

– Wear body wave hair with frontal or left free to fall over the shoulders.


– Loose hair parted in the middle of the head.

Round face – full cheeks, rounded chin, low forehead, face the same width as its length.

Hairstyle for you:

– Simple, neatly trimmed haircuts.

– You have to give up the bangs. If you already have one, brush it to the side.

– Long straight hair will allow you to hide round cheeks and visually make your face smaller.

– Medium-length hair ends can be folded slightly so that they fall over the shoulders.


– Very short hairstyles

– Hair that does not cover the temples and ears, with straight bangs

– Smooth and highly cut hairstyles

Square face – cheekbones, wide jaw and forehead are clearly visible.

 Hairstyle for you:

– Straight, long hair. Hollywood curls or brazilian body wave frontal are also great for you. If you want a short haircut, a classic bob is a right solution. It is best to avoid bangs with this face shape, but if you like it, go for a very long one or bevelled and lateral.

– You have to hide your cheekbones. You can twist the tips as they may slightly overlap your cheeks. They will also hide the massive lower jaw.


– Thick and straight bangs because they also show the angular contour of the face


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