Halal Gummy vitamins

Halal Gummy vitamins: How to Adhere to a Healthy Diet Within the Religious Guidelines?

Choosing the right vitamin can be tricky sometimes, especially if you’re a Muslim trying to stick to Halal dietary restrictions according to the Islamic guidelines. Although not many will think of halal ingredients when it comes to medicines, vitamins and supplements, the non-food product domain should not be overlooked. The lack of halal ingredients in products is one of the reasons why Muslims in the other parts of the world struggle more than the Muslims living in the gulf when it comes to food.

There are very few companies, even today, that identify the large void in the society that does not cater to Muslims, Jews or other communities with dietary restrictions. The Muslim community comprises a diversified consumer base with unique requirements but get often ignored.

For instance, Gelatin is the ideal container for encapsulating vitamins. While it is easy to digest, if it is not Kosher or halal-certified, then there are chances that the Gelatin was derived from pork, an impermissible food ingredient for Muslims. 

New companies in the market are producing vitamins that are halal certified, adhering to the Islamic dietary laws. It is important to note that the food products that are halal certified use a specific stamp and seal to confirm the halal dietary authenticity of the product. A wide spectrum range of halal gummy vitamin supplements is swamping up in the market. These halal gummy vitamins are chewable and filled with different fruity flavours. From vitamin D to calcium, the halal gummy vitamins embrace and adhere to the “halal way of living”. 

Why Consume Halal Gummy Vitamins?

The halal gummy vitamins provide the essential nutrients and minerals to help nourish young kids with a holistic nutrition palate. As a supplement in a healthy diet, children and adults (4 years and older) can chew up to 2 gummy vitamins per day. These supplements are gluten-free, carry no artificial flavours or preservatives. Apart from the healthy perspective, the halal gummy vitamins taste good and are often loved by the younger audience. 

Authentication and Certifications 

Halal certifications are important. These assure that the customers are adhering to their beliefs, and the company respects the consumers for choosing them. The mark on the label inspects the authenticity of the products. For instance, IFANCA is the leading halal certification in the US, and therefore while purchasing, look at the IFANCA mark, with a circle that contains a crescent moon and a letter M. Apart from IFANCA, there are other organisations too that verify the authenticity of the halal products in the market. 

With the ongoing pandemic, the importance of a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, minerals cannot be stressed enough. Even from a healthy diet, it is sometimes difficult to obtain the optimum amounts of nutrients, especially with children who have a tiny food palate. Halal gummy vitamins not only complement a balanced diet but also adhere to the dietary restrictions of Islam. 








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