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Build Your Credit Card As Per Your Needs With Rbl Bank Younique Credit Card

Credit cards usually come loaded with several benefits such as rewards programs, promotional offers and extensive discounts. Many of these benefits come with terms and conditions that may not suit your needs. But what if you get a credit card made exclusively for you with your hand picked benefits? RBL Bank YOUnique credit card offers you just that. The latest offering by RBL Bank promises a tailor-made credit card to suit your lifestyle. Want to know more? Let’s find out in this post.

YOUnique tailor-made benefits for you

RBL Bank celebrates your uniqueness with its YOUnique credit card. No two people are alike, and neither their lifestyle preferences. You may desire to get lost in the hills, while others wish to spend time gorging on delicacies from around the world. Whether you’re a movie buff or a serial shopper, RBL Bank YOUnique credit card acknowledges your preferences and needs and offers customised benefits.

Many credit cards offer you a host of benefits that you hardly use, yet you pay for them every year. RBL Bank wishes to make your credit card usage more fruitful. Hence, the RBL Bank YOUnique credit card benefits allow you to leverage services and offers that you deem relevant based on your lifestyle and needs. The service is available across 44 major cities in the country currently. You can check the serviceable locations by clicking here.

When applying, you can look at the vast array of benefits offered by RBL Bank and add only relevant options to your card. Use your benefits all-year long without any hassles and only pay for those that you avail.

If you choose no benefits during the application process, you still get the basic offers:

1. One reward point on every Rs 100 spent (except on fuel).

2. Fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs 100 every month (on transactions between Rs 500-Rs 4,000).

However, with a wide range of deals and offers, you are assured of picking out benefits that match your needs and lifestyle preferences.

How to add benefits to your YOUniqe credit card?

When you apply for this RBL Credit card, you get the RBL YOUnique credit card benefits list. Each benefit has a price tag, eligibility and conditions associated with it. You can add as many benefits and view your cart value change in real-time. There is no upper or lower limit to adding benefits to your YOUnique credit card. Once finalised, check out and fill your KYC details to complete the application process.

What if I don’t want the benefits I’ve chosen during the application?

RBL Bank’s YOUnique credit card is designed, keeping in mind that your interests and activities may change with time. So, you don’t have to stick to and pay for benefits you chose three years ago. Every year, you can repeat your benefits, or modify them from scratch. Many exclusive deals are available for a limited period. Therefore, all the benefits are subject to availability while you are rebuilding your card.

You can also tweak the benefits online before the issuance of your RBL YOUnique credit card.

This amazing RBL credit card can fund all your dreams and requirements. The entire process starting from application to the selection of benefits is swift and easy.RBL Bank Younique credit card enables you to enjoy your interests and desires with complete freedom.

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