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How to Prepare for GATE 2022 Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

The GATE Exam is all about logic when we talk about Computer Science. So just mugging up concepts and formulae will not work out for this exam. The pattern which every engineering student follows to pass the university exam fails for this examination. This is the most reputed exam for engineering graduates where every year, more than 1 lakh students appear to transform their dreams into reality. But only a few handfuls of students are able to achieve their desired goals due to the high level of competition in the exam. 

One of the most essential things while preparing for GATE 2022 is doing the analysis of previous years as it gives you an idea how the actual paper will look like. 

Analysis of previous year papers helps a candidate to identify how the actual paper will look like. Gradeup is one the platforms which conducts the GATE CSE Paper Analysis every year. This year also Gradeup will be conducting a live analysis for GATE CSE 2021. Refer to the GATE 2020 Analysis below:

GATE CSE 2020 Analysis

Subject NameQuestionsLevel
Algorithms 4Difficult
Data Structure 6Moderate
Computer Organisation 5Moderate
Digital Logic 4Easy
Computer Networks5Moderate
Theory of Computation7Easy
Compiler Design3Moderate
Operating System 6Easy
Discrete Math 5Moderate
Engg.Math 5Easy
General Aptitude10Easy

Here are some preparation tips for the GATE 2022 aspirants 

Be Clear with the Motive

  • If you aim to score good marks, be clear with your motive.
  • Whatever you decide, whatever you plan, stick to it, work on it. That’s all required to realize it.

Subject Knowledge

  • When you want to secure a good AIR, each and every subject must be equally important to you.
  • Every subject is important, so don’t leave any subject and try to cover every subject.

Proper Plan is Required

  • Before making an actual start, just make a plan for each and every subject.
  • It is suggested to make your own plan instead of following the plan of other people. It is just because you know your strength and weakness as if you lack in some subject, prioritize it in your plan, give more time for revision.

Mathematics section

  • If you are good at Mathematics, it is easy to score more as this section carries around 15 marks.
  • But it is not possible to study Maths in just 15- 20 days and become a genius. So the better approach is to devote at least 2 hours daily to Mathematics.
  • The topics which require extra attention are Permutation & Combination and Probability. 

General Aptitude Section

  • The common thing about all aspirants is everyone will prepare the core subject i.e., DAA, DS, OS, DBMS, etc. but the thing which will make you a topper is preparing a bit extra from everyone.
  • You should prepare all these subjects too, but pay good focus on the General Aptitude section.
  • It is easy to score full marks as try to give around half an hour a day or 3 hours a week to prepare it.


  • While preparing, the main mistake a student made is “No proper Revision”. As  GATE is a time-bounded exam, you should have all the concepts on your tips.
  • Revision of already learned concepts is equally important to learning new concepts. There is no meaning or benefit of learning new concepts if you are not having command of them.

Formula and Short Notes

  • When you target to be in TOP 100, the last two months play a very important role in that.
  • So while revision, the best thing which is going to save a lot of time is short notes and formula sheets.
  • Try to get a habit of making short notes for each and every subject while studying it, and limit the length of notes.

Practice, Practice & Practice

  • As per an old saying “there is no meaning in learning until you know how to apply it.”
  • The same is applied to GATE preparation. Try as many questions as possible and while solving them strive for the concept behind it, it will help you in solving related problems.

Mock Test

  • Try to give a good number of mock test, to manage the exam temperament, and to deal with the real-time environment.
  • Take each and every mock seriously as you are appearing for the GATE exam and learn from the mistakes there.
  • Analyze your Accuracy, speed, time management, and improve accordingly.

Previous Year Questions

  • Try to solve at least the last 15 years’ papers which will give an idea about the level of your preparation.
  • After learning a new concept every time, try previous year questions from that topic.

Attitude Defines Your Success

  • One of the most important things to crack any exam depends on how the aspirants deal or behave in those three hours on the final day.
  • So your attitude and approach should be positive, you should trust yourself.
  • Your results reflect how you dealt with this. Sometimes, students calculate the correct answers but due to pressure and anxiety, they mark the wrong answer or inputs wrong numerical value.
  • Always try to avoid such mistakes if you want to be part of the Top 100. Just try to remain calm, Stay Positive, and have faith in your preparations.

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