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Comparing Cashbacks on Credit Cards with Direct Lending

The value of credit card in a person’s life is like possessing a car. A car demands fuel, timely service, and extra care. In turn, it enables you to go for shopping, handling emergency work and taking the family to distinct miles for a change from chaotic lifestyle.

A credit card too clamours various proportions in the field of economic or financial transactions. Once you use the limited amount offered by the bank, you can proceed with your shopping with it. It allows you to deal particular situation and even in emergencies but within a limit. 

It assigns you under a debtor and becomes a liability, and it applies some charges on you for making delays. The delays you make often turn into a huge amount of liability, and you may fall in the category of bad credit as your credit score can go downwards.

The credit card companies enlarge their business through this crediting system. They are in the business of making a handsome amount of money via advertising the incentives provided by them. 

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They allure their customers with the featuring rewards majorly such as cashback on purchasing a credit card. And the customers get mesmerised with the use of credit cards and tend to succumb every expense by making payments via credit cards.

We see that from a teenager to a retired person, every person uses credit cards as they are very handy and no chance of getting illegally scrutinised by a hacker. It is simply a financial agreement between a customer and the authorised credit card company. 

  • The company with a promise to upgrade his customer’s requirements and remain him in top priority
  • The customer with a promise to repay all the debts taken by the company via credit cards and maintain his good performance for self wellness

Through this blog, you will get to know what happens when you earn cash backs on credit card and what effort you are likely to induce to keep your performance suitable to the crediting companies.

At the end of the blog, you will learn about the substitutes for credit cards, or what you can do when you are out of money and having bad credit scores due to credit card mishandling.

The Reality of Cash rewards 

Credit card companies with the help of banks circulate the hoardings of the advantages of using credit cards. The customers are overwhelmed with the emails, notifications and text messages, making a crowd on their gadgets all the time. 

They offer the promise of great incentives from charging zero or low-interest rates, provide bonus rewards that mark up even to cashback deals whenever the person uses their cards. 

The credit cards affix a limited amount for a year and allow you to spend in that little amount. And most cash rewards have an annual maximum limit and provide limited cash backs not more than 5 to 8 % cashback reward. 

The customers are required to take some time in reading the fine print that contains the terms and conditions and other important features and information that are not found in the main body. Once you read it, you get to know about credit cards and their rewards deeply. 

Are the rewards you are getting entirely free?

Well, this is partially true. When you make a transaction via credit card on a shopping centre, the shopkeeper needs to pay a percentage share of the amount to the credit card company and then the issuer shares some of the amounts with you in the name of cash backs.

Let us see the working of the cycle that generates cash back for you. and you do not need to feel bad for the shopkeeper as the shopkeeper itself charge extra money on making payments through credit cards, and your money comes back to you as so-called cashback. 

Credit cards and direct lenders

However, we cannot rely on these factors as what you really enjoy that comes in great amount and you have to pay it with several hidden charges. Credit card is absolutely a liability and becomes worse when you see the higher interest charges and other consolidated charges.

On the other hand, direct lenders are more helpful in supporting your financial pros and cons.

Financial help

Whenever you are on the verge of the condition where you already have a debt, then here are direct lenders in the UK who can help you in emerging out the situation. They issue loans for people on benefits; these loans may cover the expenses you have made while having a credit card.

Instead of using credit cards, you may find their replacement with instant loans provided by the direct lenders. As a mean to support you in every expense and make your life is supported by a helping hand in the form of monetary help, here, you can abide by Quick loans for bad credit


Although the trends of using credit cards come from the activities which we perform in our daily life, it provides convenience when you do not have ready cash in hand, in need of emergencies related to life or commodity; you can give off the penalties.

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