Why Find New Amazon Customers When You Can Convert Existing Ones With Remarketing?

Why bother finding new Amazon customers while you can convert potential ones with Facebook Remarketing? Keep reading to find out!

In 2007, Facebook introduced a ground-breaking feature that soon turned this social media network into heaven for businesses and agencies alike – Facebook Ads. Today, with more than 2.85 billion accounts on the platform, Facebook Ads have once again proven itself to be essential if brands want to target their users through the world’s most beloved website.

However, the charm of Facebook Ads goes beyond its marketing power. What makes this feature fascinating is its ability to retarget, which helps businesses stay in touch with past visitors to your site. 

If you are looking for a way to boost your Amazon store’s performance, then Facebook retargeting might be the answer! 

The Ins And Outs Of A Facebook Retargeting Campaign


Facebook retargeting refers to the marketing procedure in which the target audience is people who have been exposed to your brand in the past. They might have clicked on your banner or actively searched for your brand’s name and even showed interactions on your fan pages.


Unlike running Facebook Ads, Facebook retargeting focuses on potential customers who are piqued by your brand but are still on the fence about whether to finalize a purchase. Retargeting helps push the customers forward, persuade them to drop their doubts, and finally decide to pay for your product.

Working mechanisms

Facebook retargeting utilizes the 4-stage marketing funnel used in B2C for optimal results. 

  • Awareness: In the beginning, ads are shown to users unfamiliar with your business. Those who ignore the ads are removed temporarily from the target audience, while people who show interest in any form (link click, banner click, like, share, comment, etc.) are singled out for retargeting.
  • Consideration: Retargeting starts to work when the funnel enters its second stage. Here, the potential customers are somehow informed of your brand but have yet to seal the deal. Your job is to convince them how your business’s products will solve their problems and give them tangible benefits.
  • Decision: Now that your customers are only one step away from confirming their purchases, Facebook Ads retargeting can be used as a gentle reminder. Remember to create a sense of urgency so that your potential customers feel motivated to check out at one go.
  • Retention: Keeping your past customers posted with updates on special discount programs, free newsletter, rewards for reviews, and other services that your brand is ready to offer.

As stated above, Facebook retargeting is most effective in the second and third stage, which are consideration and decision, respectively. To explain it better, let’s have a look at the following example.

Jenny was scrolling her Facebook page when she saw a banner of an Amazon retailer selling bamboo straws. Curious, she tagged her friend in the comment section and asked whether she should try these straws out. She made a mental note to check out the products later but then completely forgot about it.

The following week, an advertisement of the same store with bamboo straws showed up again on Jenny’s feed, this time with a promo code for first-time buyers. Suddenly, she remembered her intentions earlier. With the discount available, Jenny decided to visit the website and buy the advertised product.


With its extensive algorithms and the help of an experienced Facebook Ads agency, retargeting can bring about significant gains for your business.

  • It reaches a vast number of potential buyers. Since Facebook still maintains its status as the most popular social media platform, running ads there gives your brand the chance to engage with many users that fit the target audience.
  • It has a high ROI. Trying to find new customers from people with no previous knowledge of your brand can cost a fortune, and it might not even be effective. Meanwhile, persuading those who have interacted with your brand’s ads to buy things is much easier.
  • It reduces the cart abandonment rate. Many customers simply forget that they have yet to check out the products. A recurring ad now and then is crucial to remind customers of their impending purchase. 

Effective approaches

Simply deciding upon using a Facebook retargeting campaign to generate more buyers is not enough. You would need more detailed solutions on optimizing your campaign, and below are the two most common ones.

  • Focus on targeting potential buyers: At the end of the day, what Facebook retargeting aims at is to turn website visitors into consumers. Converted consumers belong to another marketing campaign.
  • Sweeten the ads: exclusive deals designed specifically for first-time buyers tend to do the trick.

Why Should Your Amazon Business Use Facebook Retargeting

With the rise of e-commerce, more and more sellers are flocking to Amazon for their businesses. If you fail to earn an edge over these retailers, your store will soon be drowned in a sea of competitors. Therefore, it makes sense for you to invest in a Facebook retargeting campaign and see how it increases your conversion rate.

How To Apply Facebook Retargeting To Your Amazon Business

Using Facebook retargeting to attract potential customers is not much different from standard Facebook Ads. The only difference is that you need to change your target audience, excluding those already converted and filling in with people who have heard of your brand but made no action.

While you can set up your Facebook retargeting campaign on your own, it is much better if you rely on a trusted agency (visit to let them take over the job. This way, your campaign is more likely to succeed while the cost is relatively low.


Making the best use out of your existing traffic is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to boost your conversion rate. All in all, when your Amazon business needs a gentle push, do not forget to use the retargeting tactics for optimal outcomes! 

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