Live Events in Philadelphia

Upcoming Happening Live Events to Catch in Philadelphia in 2021

Searching for things to do in Philadelphia? You have come to the right spot because in the next 2 mins (or less), you will be ready with the list of interesting things to do in this amazing city. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. This place is popular for its rich history and is also cited for having more public art as compared to any other country. This means you will definitely find tons of art galleries and museums filled with rich artwork to visit here. But if you want something more from this city, how about some live shows and concerts? Since it’s a notable place on the map, many famous artists are seen here setting up their live shows. When you are in Philadelphia, it’s quite possible to catch live performances by your favorite artists.  

Live events help you taste the essence of a city. So, here is a list of most anticipated live events in Philadelphia you can catch. Check out the dates and plan your trip accordingly. 

Justin beiber at noto philly

Any Justin Bieber fans reading this? Here is a perfect chance to see his magical voice live that you would want to skip, especially when you are already in Philadelphia. If you are in Philadelphia for the weekend, here is an event you can attend. Catch Justin Beiber live in Noto Philly on 5th September, i.eSunday from 10:00 pm 10:00 pm to 2:00 am 2:00 am. Noto Philly is a place where you can enjoy a premier nightlife experience with superior service and a beautiful ambiance. So, Book your tickets right away before they are sold out. 

Fashion show day party

The next live event is for fashion enthusiasts. MS. novelty is hosting a fashion show, “the HBCU SMOKEOUT & CIGAR PXRN FASHION DAY PARTY”. They are calling out all the HBCU alumni in the Tricity. It is claimed to be the hottest, sexiest party in Philadelphia which is held on 4th September i.e., Saturday. You can catch models like Ahmenah live here at the event.

Eclectic candlelight at johnny brenda’s

Feed your soul with live music in Philadelphia coming straight from the guitar of the cosmic guilt band. You can catch two events at one go; first, relax in the eclectic candlelight tunes that make you feel relaxed despite a checked life. Then you can enjoy the live singing of cosmic guilt. The doors open at 8 pm on 5th September, Sunday. 

Mummers parade

Mummers parade is an annual thing in Philadelphia. It’s actually their tradition in which mummers cheerfully parade along the broad street to celebrate the new year. You will be cheered by the extravagant, colorful costumes used in the event, and there are live performances as well. All these performances are judged at the fancy brigade finale. As the parade clearly celebrates the new year, you can catch the parade on 1st January. Now you know where to spend your next new year. 
These are a few upcoming live events in Philadelphia that you can attend.

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