EPDM gaskets

A Comprehensive Guide on EPDM Gaskets

When selecting a material to use for gaskets, generally, consumers opt for neoprene or silicone. It’s because it’s readily available worldwide. However, EPDM gaskets have many features & advantages over other materials. Indeed, make EPDM ( ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) a perfect gasket material. 

EPDM Gasket Material Properties

Ethylene and propylene stay in gaseous states at room temperature. When these two hydrocarbons combine, they build polymers ( polyethylene and polypropylene) in a solid-state. EPDM is then created while controlling the polymerization process and adding an adequate proportion of both hydrocarbons ( i.e., ethylene and propylene). The process builds long molecular chains, which lead to the high elastic material. Perhaps, EPDM remains flexible even at low temperatures & not affected at high temperatures. The EPDM material has no effect due to oxidation or ultraviolet light. 

Generally, EPDM has premium mechanical properties that make it popular & widely implemented. Its tensile strength is great, which makes it more robust & powerful than silicone and neoprene. EPDM rubber gaskets are highly resistant to harsh chemicals like alkalis & acids. In addition, Its heat-resistant properties make it ideal for applications using steam. 

Material Benefits

As mentioned above, rubber gaskets are highly resistant and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It offers reliable, long-lasting sealing capabilities in extreme temperatures ranging from -60° F to 300° F. Key benefits of the material are – prevent wear & tear, more color stability, resistance to UV, aging, & extreme weather.

EPDM Grades

The gaskets are manufactured in a sponge, foam, and solid materials. Every kind of material possesses a distinctive molecular structure that enhances the power of resistance. EPDM gaskets are divided by grades – peroxide-cured, commercial, FDA approved, and UL 94 flame-retardant.

EPDM Gasket Applications

The gasket is quite strong & durable. Another best part of the gasket, it is cost-effective and provides quality performance. It has great usages, including: 

  1. Use for outdoor application as it can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, UV rays, wind, ozone, and water. 
  2. Use for electrical installations as this material is high on electrical resistance.


EPDM is also called ethylene propylene diene monomer- a versatile material used for numerous applications. A very good alternative to silicone and neoprene that comes in a budget-friendly range. People who are looking for rubber material then must opt for it. The material is capable of enduring challenges such as weather conditions, abrasion, etc. One saves time & money by using this superior material gasket. 

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