How To Get The Best Dosage For Vaping Weed e-liquids

How To Get The Best Dosage For Vaping Weed e-liquids?

Vaping or inhaling is known to be the fastest, and the most effective way of getting CBD into your body. In fact, more and more CBD lovers are using vaping as a way to feel the magical effects of the cannabis plant. 

In vaping, CBD content in the form of CBD vape oil or e-liquids is heated up in a vaping device or a vape pen. Heating causes vaporization which you can then breathe-in to instantly feel the effects of the CBD.

CBD E-liquids are perfect for people who wish to vape more often but want milder effects. Some retailers will call them weed e liquid or marijuana e liquid because of their association with the plan even though all cannabis vape liquid in the UK is derived from hemp. 

These weed e-liquids can be bought separately to be vaped using any vaping device. Just refill your existing tank or cartridges, shake it a little, and you’re good to go. Now, due to the growing popularity of vaping here in the UK, many people may find it difficult getting the right dosage for vaping weed e-liquids.

Cannabis vape liquids come in many quantities and flavors depending on the brand you’re buying from. It also depends on the heat that you heat up the liquid and the intensity of your inhale which varies from person to person. So, it’s hard to prescribe standardised dosing and so difficult to know how much CBD you are ultimately taking per puff. But, I will try to help you gauge roughly how much you are having. 

Bottles of CBD e liquid vary in size and concentration of CBD. Take a look at any bottle of the Paso CBD e liquids, their weed e liquid is a total volume of 10ml which includes PG, VG 1000mg of CBD and natural terpenes. If 10ml has 1000mg of CBD then the CBD content will be the following if you fill a vape cartridge or tank to each of these capacities: 

  • 0.5ml = 50mg
  • 1ml = 100mg 
  • 2ml = 200mg 
  • 3ml = 300mg

Now it’s important to remember, the maximum daily dose of CBD is 70 mg so now you know the total amount by capacity, you should try not to exceed this, but to equate this you need to be able to roughly assess CBD per puff which is a much harder question!  

As said, each vaporiser can provide a different amount of vapor plus it depends on your vape style – whether you take big or small puffs. Roughly speaking you can get around 100-200 puffs of weed e liquid from a standard 1 ml cartridge. So, if you have a 1ml cartridge containing 100mg of CBD each puff is roughly 1-2mg of CBD.  

An additional point on this, the amount of CBD you consume or inhale is never the same as the amount that is absorbed and utilised by the body (known as bioavailability). Vaping CBD has a highest bioavailability of about 60% meaning that if you vape 100mg of CBD, around 60mg will enter your bloodstream.

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