Know Before Boiler Inspection

Things You Need to Know Before Boiler Inspection

Property inspection is an important part of a real estate purchase. In home inspection, a home inspector inspects the integrity of the structure and all the important home systems including the boiler. An HB Smith Boiler or a boiler by any other brand must be properly installed and well maintained. An incorrectly installed boiler or an ignored one can cause catastrophic damage. 

A property inspector is not an expert in boiler operation and maintenance, electrical panels, HVAC and other systems in the house. However, a property inspector has to be good at spotting problems in a system. Even if you are not a property inspector, with the basic knowledge of boilers, you can inspect an HB Smith Boiler or any other residential boiler. 

How Does a Boiler Work 

A boiler can be gas-fired or oil-fired. In a gas-fired boiler, natural gas is ignited to heat water. The hot water is pumped through the radiant heat pipes or radiators. Some boilers also use electricity to heat water. However, as gas is the cheapest option, gas-fired boilers are more common.     

Since the system is called a hot water boiler, this does not mean that it boils the water. This system heats the water to a temperature ranging between 140° and 180°. The boiler has a pump that pumps hot water into pipes to heat the house. 

A steam boiler is another type of boiler. It converts the water into steam. No pump is required in this type of boiler. This system uses pressure to move the steam. 

Boiler Inspection Tips 

Pressure, hot water, fire, gas, oil; you know that a boiler can be dangerous. First of all, get the required information before the inspection. Check the nameplate. Is it an HB Smith Boiler or a Peerless Boiler? The nameplate also provides you with other important pieces of information such as the maximum pressure allowed. 

After getting the required information, turn the boiler on and check the pressure gauge. Is it working? Make sure that pressure does not exceed the specified limit. Check if all radiators are getting warm or not. If not, check the valve. The boiler needs repair if the valve is open but radiators are staying cold. 

Are there any signs of leaks? Don’t just look for fresh signs. You cannot ignore old leaks. Look for discolored or warped floorboards. Also, look for water spots.

Look for signs of corrosion throughout the system. Make sure that any of the components such as valves or radiators are not corroded. You can use a camera to check the inner workings of the boiler for leaking, pest infestation, rust or any other problem.

If the boiler is not working properly and you are unable to spot the cause of the problem then you need to call an expert for a thorough boiler inspection and repair. Maybe you need to replace some of the HB Smith Boiler Parts

Keep in mind that you must have at least the basic knowledge of the boiler if you want to inspect it. If you don’t know anything, count on a professional.      

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