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Tips to Persuade Your Spouse for a Couple Counseling

Married life falling apart? Having troubles in relationships is very common. It can be due to differences in opinions, insecurities, different goals, etc. but before you both let go of the marriage, you can give couples counseling a chance. Now, if you are already in favor of going for couples counseling in London but not sure about your partner, here are some tips to convince them to go for it.

Be Honest About the Problems

First of all, sit down and talk. Ask your partner to hear you out first without jumping in with you and you do the same when they talk. Then, start by telling them what problems you two are facing. Don’t just share what problems you are facing from their side. This will begin the blame game. Focus on the part that states the problem your relationship is facing. Know that the key to a happy and successful marriage is open and honest communication. But sometimes, when things start building up, it can hinder healthy communication. So, commute very clearly about the struggles. 

Don’t Get Defensive

When you start discussing relationship problems and marriage counseling in London with your spouse, they may get defensive. This is very normal in couples who are facing issues because everyone wants to defend themselves. They might feel like you are trying to blame them for not having a problem in marriage and all the miscommunication between the two can worsen the situation. They may even try to project examples of the failed marriages they have seen around them to relate it with you. As much as you are instigated to defend yourself from these accusations thrown at you, don’t do it. Be patient. if you too get defensive back at them, this can exacerbate communication problems and escalate the conflict unnecessarily. That’s the last thing you would want to do while convincing someone. So, stay calm to avoid things from getting heated.

State the Motive

It is very important that your partner is very clear about your motive and it’s not to put any blame on them or get separated. You want to fix things at all costs, that is your sole motive and your partner should get this idea. Some people feel like the only way is to trick their partner into counseling. They try methods like lying and say let’s go to meet with friends, only to ambush them in a counselor’s office. No matter how desperate things get, DO NOT try this way, it’s not going to help in any way. If there are already underlying trust issues in your relationship, that will only make it worse.

Choose Counselor Together

It is usual for couples that one person wants to see a marriage counselor before the other. Instead of acting upon it, convince your partner first. . Involve them in the selection process when you are shortlisting a counselor. This builds trust between you two. 

Try these tips to convince your partner for marriage counseling. 

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