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6 Cute Embroidery Ideas to Jazz up your Winter Sweatshirts

Winter is coming and soon your winter wear will be out of the trunks. Well, other than the cozy nights while enjoying dipped marshmallows in hot chocolate, there is a lot to love about this chilly season. One such thing that makes winter so loveable is winter clothes. Ah! Super cute sweatshirts, thigh-high boots, pretty caps, what’s there not to love? Winters are all about layering yourself and staying warm. Those pretty oversized sweatshirts do a good job in maintaining the temperature of the body, they also maintain the style quotient. Yes, there is no doubt in the statement that sweatshirts are super stylish, thus, the most popular piece of clothing. Works well for both men and women and is a best friend with fashion-loving people. You know what makes sweatshirts more loveable? Gorgeous embroidery. 

Types of Embroidery Sweatshirt Ideas

Sweatshirts are very versatile. It can be worn by both men and women in the winter season. There are so many benefits of a sweatshirt, thus, you can buy an end number of them in different colours and patterns. If you are looking for a particular design, you can get one customised. We suggest you go for embroidered sweatshirts where you can get any lovely design sewn in your sweatshirt. It looks pretty amazing and reflects a personal touch in your clothing. If you need the inspiration to get an embroidered sweatshirt, you are at the right place. Below you will find some really amazing embroidery ideas that will make you love your favorite piece a little more. 

Doodle Embroidery

Doodling is a very subtle yet chic design. It’s not too much that will occupy the whole sweatshirt but will still provide an extra element to a plain design. This type of design is so easy that you can sew it at home as well. Doodling appears to be a lot of fun because you can basically doodle and draw whatever design you want! Check out the instructions online for a few simple stitches you can use over and over again. If you are getting it done, you can either get it on the whole fabric or just patch in font would look cute. 

Words on Sweatshirt

Next amazing design that you can opt for is the words. Adding a name or message to your sweatshirt is another cute embroidery idea. On clothing, a simple touch may make a tremendous impact. Cursive lettering looks fantastic on a sweatshirt’s front pocket, or belt region, or even center. Words can be an ideal pick for men 

Flower Power

Floral patterns are a huge trend this year. We saw them daunting the other patterns in the summer seasons even on the embroidered shirt for men and it’s pretty sure they are here in the winter too. The floral print is nice and all, but the embroidered ones have their own grace. So, you can get any flower printed in different colors printed on your sweatshirt.

Embroidered Batch

Another not so common way to design and add personal touch to your sweatshirt is by adding embroidered tags to it. Tags are not very common and hence a unique element to your winter wear. You can get anything you support or something related to your interest embroidered in those tags and add a few on your sweatshirt. 

These are some pretty amazing embroidery ideas for your sweatshirt. 

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