How to Set Up WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing (With a Free Plugin)

s everything is digitized, e-commerce-based platforms have become the most incredible opportunity for manufacturers, wholesalers, and vendors to connect with consumers. If you have items to sell, you can efficiently utilize leading platforms such as WooCommerce to attract a potential audience. 

WooCommerce for Wholesale is a good choice because it provides multiple functions when setting up and dealing with products sold in bulk (that is, at wholesale prices). As a learner, you may find it challenging to add a price to your product. But with WooCommerce, wholesale pricing is very simple and can be configured easily.

The following section will allow you to collect all related information about wholesale prices. In this blog, you’ll find how to set up a wholesale store for WooCommerce in a few simple and quick steps.

What is the wholesale price of WooCommerce?

As the name implies, the wholesale price of WooCommerce refers to the price of different products purchased in bulk. In this case, the manufacturer will charge a wholesale fee. Suppliers, resellers, or vendors regularly buy products at wholesale prices; that is called bulk purchases. Therefore, as a manufacturer or supplier, you can charge wholesale amounts when retailing products in bulk.

Now, wholesale pricing for WooCommerce is the price you apply when you choose to sell products on an e-commerce platform. WooCommerce also enables you to sell items at retail prices; therefore, you can set prices accordingly.

The worldwide e-commerce wholesale business has constantly been rising over the years.

 Conferring to the buyer’s request, the plugin will reflect the wholesale or retail price accordingly. For example, wholesale prices will only be revealed to possible consumers, retailers, or suppliers. To place an order, they only need to fill in the order.

To entice more purchasers, you can also offer bulk order discounts that apply to standard product rates. However, if your store also has a marketing section, you can set the price considering that buyers will order less than one item so that you can correct your margin accordingly.

WooCommerce Wholesale plugin

To get WooCommerce wholesale prices, you can use a plugin called Wholesale For WooCommerce Lite.

Currently, WooCommerce Wholesale plugin has two main versions:

Wholesale For WooCommerce Lite, which is the free version


  • Create Wholesale Pricing on your existing Products
  • Create wholesale pricing to each variation of a variable product
  • Display amount being saved
  • Add percentage price
  • Add a fixed price
  • Translation via.PO .MO files
  • Configuration to change frontend labels text

What’s More

  • Regular License FREE
  • Quality checked by WordPress.org
  • Free updates
  • Free support at WordPress.org Forum

Wholesale For WooCommerce Premium is a paid version with improved features.

The free version enables users to set WooCommerce wholesale prices for each product separately. In contrast, the premium version allows two different types of markdowns, specifically percentage-based discounts and quantity-based deductions. Let us recognize this term in detail in a transparent way.

Adding A New Wholesale Customer User Role

It has two requirements for listing your items at wholesale prices. The first is to set detailed users as “wholesale customers.” In this way, “normal” users cannot get the different prices decided by wholesale buyers.

Another phase is to spot the wholesale price on the WooCommerce product page for wholesale customers to purchase.

To get started, navigate to Users → Add new to your WordPress dashboard.

View the wholesale price of a product by default,

all buyers with the role of the wholesale customer can access the wholesale price. You can test further by generating a new user account.

To do this, open the user page, add a new page, and choose the user role as Wholesale Customer.

Now, log in to your account, navigate the items you want to view, and mention the retail and wholesale prices.

Adding A Percentage Quantity

After creating a new wholesale user role in the store, the next step is to set a new B2B value. These prices only apply to your wholesale purchasers.

 The ultimate impression behind wholesale prices is to encourage buyers to buy products in bulk. In other words, the larger the product quantity, the lower the unit price.

You can disperse varied price tags to many wholesale user roles as needed.

To do this, navigate to the product and click Edit under the product you need to modify.

The Working Scenario 

Wholesale for WooCommerce Lite

Summary: Building  a WooCommerce Wholesale System

till now we’ve found it very simple to build wooCommerce Wholesale system and requires the help of multiple plugins.

You can build a wholesale consumer market using the Wholesale For WooCommerce (Pro Version) to add new roles, control product visibility, or Import/Export CSV with wholesale products. Then, you can further create wholesale customers based on recommendations on managing wholesale customers.

Saying Goodbye 

 I hope this blog will provide some resourceful information for your e-commerce and boost the profitability of your business with the help of the wholesale pricing setup process in your WooCommerce store.

we would like to welcome you if you want to share any ideas with us, please  leave your valuable feedback  below.

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