How Does Intranet Improve Communication in an Organization?

Internal communication plays a vital role in determining the level of success of a business. Internal communication is all about an effective flow of information between different departments of an organization and its colleagues, no matter whether it is verbally or electronically. Not only does it help streamline your work but also enhance employee collaboration, further boosting business productivity.

However, many companies overlook the importance of internal communication. Instead, they focus on educating their customers about their products and services at the expense of their major stakeholders – their employees.  

Think about how difficult it would be to achieve your business goals if your employees don’t know what is going on internally. How will they be able to finish their tasks and contribute to business success? No matter how big or small or what industry you work in, you must facilitate and encourage communication among your employees – not only from top to bottom but also between peers.

And nothing can be better than implementing an intranet – one of the best communication tools in the workplace. An intranet is a private network hosted online. It provides a collaborative platform that promotes internal communication and enhances employee engagement. So, if you are wondering how the intranet improves internal communication, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the same.

How can intranet improve internal communication?

Social media features: Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., are an intuitive way of communicating with others. And modern intranet is the best communication tool in the workplace that contains a range of social features that allow employees to publish content, add comments, post contributions and interact with each other. A social intranet also allows employees to tag and follow other employees. Not only does it help build a strong work culture but also allow employees to interact via chat in real-time, video messaging, etc. As a result, it further enhances internal communication.

Multi-directional communication: Traditionally, information tended to flow downwards in an organization. Employees hardly get an opportunity to interact with the higher management and the CEOs of the company. As a result, a lot of valuable information and feedback get lost. However, implementing an intranet in an organization enables employees to connect with the higher staff directly. They can share their ideas and feedback, which will make the employees feel valued and enhance work productivity.

Go Mobile: Traditionally, the intranet – enterprise communication software – has only been available for desktops. However, not everyone can be available at times & other employees may have to wait for specific information they need from another employee. It can reduce work productivity. However, remote workers can easily access the modern intranet via their mobiles and tablets regardless of their location. Your employees can interact and access the information anytime. They need not wait for another employee to come online and share the data. Not only does this save a lot of time but also enhance internal communication among the employees.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how an intranet can improve internal communication, we don’t think you need to ponder whether to opt for an intranet or not. If you are seeking ways to enhance internal communication within the organization, nothing can be better than an intranet – one of the best communication tools in the workplace. So, find a reliable intranet vendor and discuss your requirements now.

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