Crucial logo redesign mistakes designers make

Crucial Logo Redesign Mistakes Designers Make

No doubt, logos are the most important part of the business. It let you create your own brand identity in the market. Just look around your area and you will find a lot of logos with creative designs. 

It’s important to have an identity that distinguishes you from others. A well-designed logo holds the attention of the people with your brand. Visual representation is always important to keep your user engaged with your brand and that can be possible with the appealing custom logo design. 

Logos are must-have for any brand as it visually communicates with their users. It will make your brand memorable for a longer time. Your business logo design must be with balanced use of colors, fonts, shapes, and a lot more design elements. 

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However, sometimes to stay with the trend redesigning of logos is also required. But designers might make some mistakes while redesigning it. So, let’s discuss some of those. 

01. Driven by trends

One of the biggest mistakes that designers make while redesigning the logo. It’s interesting to see new designs but it might not have a long-lasting impact. 

Unfortunately, trends will definitely make your professional logo design tempting but for a limited time. Sometimes, to make your custom logo design designer blindly follow the trends. 

While redesigning the business logo design, make sure you try to make it timeless. Your logo should not require frequent changes. Therefore, do not put much emphasis on following the trends while making logos. 

02. Rely on colors

Undeniably, colors are an integral part of the business logo design but the overuse of them is not a good option. 

Sometimes, to make it more appealing and extraordinary, designers overuse the colors in professional logo design. Colors can be the best way to communicate with your customer and hold their attention. 

The balanced and proper use of color is important while making a custom logo design. So, make sure you do not rely too much on colors while redesigning the logo.  

03. Too abstract

Another big mistake designers might make while making a professional logo design. They are going too far from simplicity. 

Just to make it attractive, they are adding too many design elements and end up with complex designs. The fact is the complex business logo design would be much more difficult to remember also. When someone observes your logo, it should not feel like a confused design rather it must be simple enough.

You may take a look at any popular brand, they don’t have complex designs, they always prefer to have simple and easy to remember designs. You don’t need to give too much effort to make the logo appealing, the simple approach is also sufficient. 

04. Not focusing on versatility

While redesigning the logo, you may never know where it’s going to be used. Designers should consider the versatility of the logo very carefully. 

Your logo can be used in small sizes like stationery items, business cards, or in a bigger size like posters. At that time, a professional logo design should not lose its originality. As logos are an important part of the business, it will always be placed next to the brand name. 

During redesigning the logo, make sure the designer constantly scaled it to the various sizes and check whether it looks appropriate in it or not. Therefore, make sure your redesigned logo can look aesthetic in every size of the screen without losing originality. 

05. Poor font selection

The font is something that will be first observed by the users. Even while redesigning the logo, the changes to the font will always take place. The right selection of fonts is a necessary step in the design process. 

The font you select must be matched with the logo style and icon of the design. If it’s completely opposite then users will not be able to focus on the right place and it looks unbalanced in design. No matter which logo type you choose, the selection of the right font is necessary. As the brand name is the center of attraction in the whole business logo design, the selection of the right font is crucial.  

There many types of fonts available with different psychology behind them. Based on the requirement you need to choose it. So, make sure you do not make mistakes in choosing fonts while redesigning the logo. 

Wrapping up

As your logo is an integral part of the business, it requires you to keep it updated with the trend. Redesigning the logo is necessary to hold the user’s attention. However, sometimes due to silly mistakes your logo won’t serve the exact purpose. The above-mentioned points clearly define what mistakes a designer generally would make. 

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