Chemical or Natural Drain Cleaner

Which is Better – Chemical or Natural Drain Cleaner?

When facing a drain clog, there is a limited amount of time and options available to use in order to unclog your drains. Although you could try any homemade remedy or just grab a drain cleaner from your nearby department store, is that the right way to tackle a clogged drain? Are there any natural drain cleaners available that make this process and the breakdown of hair, grease, and oils without the use of chemical-based drink emoji? 

Today, we will discuss which of these dream cleaners are better: natural drain cleaners that are made using non-toxic cleaning products or chemical-based drain cleaners. So, how do you go about choosing between a natural drain cleaner and a chemical-based drain cleaner? 

Do Chemical Cleaners Work? 

Yes, chemical drain cleaners do work, however, at a price. They typically come in liquid form; however, they are also available in the form of gels and powders. They rely on chemical compositions and reactions in order to clear away clogs in the drains. Typically, there are three types of chemical-based cleaners available in the market: 

  • Caustic Drain Cleaners

They either have potash or lye – two alkaline chemicals specifically used to produce heat in order to break down food as well as grease and turn them into a soap-like substance that makes it easier to dissolve the clog in the drain. 

  • Oxidizing Drain Cleaners

These oxidizing agents in the cleaners contain bleach, peroxide, and nitrates. They oxidize the clogs in order to produce heat and gas that breaks up all organic matter within the drain. 

  • Acid Drain Cleaners

Acid cleaners contain high concentrated levels of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid; however, they are not typically available to homeowners and need to be purchased by plumbers themselves. They, too, create excessive heat through chemical reactions and break down all material within the clogs. Although they are very effective for cleaning, they do pose a greater risk if used improperly. 

Why Are Enzyme Drain Cleaners Generally the Better Option? 

Although chemical-based drain cleaner products are very effective as a cleaning agent, enzyme drain cleaners are deemed to be a better alternative. The non-toxic cleaning products produce enzymes in the presence of organic matter and thereby break down the material in the clogs into tiny shreds that can easily be flushed down through the pipes. These enzymes are made using a blend of eco-friendly ingredients that are safe to use in sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, drain clogs, cotton pads, and swabs, etc. 

What can be better than using enzyme-based natural drain cleaner that is eco-friendly, best for those with sensitive skin as there’s no possibility of skin irritation? 

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