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Best SAT Coaching in Hyderabad

Crack your SAT exam with the best SAT coaching in Hyderabad which is Eduquest. It is one of the best SAT Coaching centers that offer students best-SAT preparation. Professional teachers have helped many students with their specialized teaching methods. They have helped students to outperform themselves in the SAT exam. You should try the demo classes and reviews before going into SAT Coaching in Hyderabad.


SAT is a standardized test that helps you to get into universities of the Us, UK, Australia, and Canada. It is administered by a private, non-profit organization called College Board. Earlier SAT was known as Scholastic Aptitude test, now known as Scholastic assessment test. The eligible students can appear for the exam five times a year in March, May, August, October, November, and December.

There is no age limit for the students to appear for the SAT. The College Board conducts SAT exam every year for the admissions in the universities of the Us, UK, Australia, and Canada. There is no limitation on giving exam in a year. If you want to pursue undergraduate courses from the US and other countries then the SAT in the exam for you.

It an entrance exam required to get admission into undergraduate courses. The SAT score ranges between 800-1600. The paper consists of two parts- evidence-based reading and writing and mathematics. 

The fee for the general SAT exam is $101 and the SAT with the optional essay is $107. If you want to do changes to your exam date and center them an additional fee of $49 has to be paid. 

There are two types of SAT exam

SAT 1 is a general SAT exam for undergraduate courses. It includes subjects like reading, writing, math, literature, sciences, history, and foreign sciences. 

SAT 2 is a specific exam that is taken by those students who want specialization in only one subject. Those who want to their higher studies from abroad need to clear this SAT exam. 


It is also known as the qualitative or calculation section. It has 58 multiple choice based questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. The questions are to be done with a calculator and without a calculator. The syllabus of maths comprises algebra, advanced math questions like trigonometry, data analyzing, reasoning, and problem-solving questions. 


The reading section has to be completed within 65 minutes. It has passages from American and international fiction.  The total number of questions is 52 which has to be attempted in 65 minutes. 


The writing section also comprises 42 multiple choice questions which have to be attempted in 35 minutes. It includes sentence completion, vocabulary, grammar, and passages. 

Essay (optional)- 

There is an optional essay that has to be analyzed from the given passage of 600-700 words. The score of this section doesn’t affect the total SAT score. It appears separately from the composite SAT score. 


SAT and Act both are entrance exam that helps you in getting admission into US universities.

The act included the science section and the SAT includes the math section. The time duration of the ACT exam is 2 hrs and 55 minutes without the essay and 3 hours and 40 minutes with essay whereas the SAT exam require 3 hours and 40 minutes with an optional essay of 50 minutes.

SAT exam paper comprises of reading and writing and mathematics. While Act exam paper consists of reading, writing, mathematics, and science.


SAT coaching in Hyderabad can provide you with many benefits that help you increase your SAT score. Following are some benefits that coaching provides in your SAT preparation: 

  • Specialization in SAT subjects: Good SAT coaching can help you in getting more knowledge in SAT subjects.SAT assesses your knowledge and skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and other subjects. A good SAT teacher provides excellent learning facilities and tips. 
  • Consistency: SAT coaching makes your SAT preparation more critical. You can give regular mock tests to improve your speed and measure your preparation. It helps you to be regular in your studies. 
  • Provides ease in doing questions: SAT coaching provides you with easy tricks and tips for doing complex questions. They help you to overcome your weak concepts. 
  • Access to good resource material- SAT coaching provides you access to good SAT study material, notes, and question papers. They keep you updated about all the information related to the SAT paper. You can also get tips from specialized teachers and students to crack your exam more efficiently and effectively.


CostThe fee of SAT online coaching is less as compared to offline coaching. SAT Offline coaching may cost you more than online coaching. 
Study materialIn SAT online coaching, you get access to online study material. You can store it on your mobile, tablet, and laptop. The study material is mobile. You can have access to it anywhere at any time. SAT Offline coaching provides notes and study material in physical mode. You can not carry them everywhere. 
Recorded sessions and classesIn SAT online coaching, you can have recorded videos of all the lectures. You don’t need to be present at the time is class. SAT Offline coaching doesn’t provide recorded videos of classes. If you have skipped any class, it becomes very difficult to cope up with the next classes.

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