The Advantages and Applications of a good ATE SYSTEM

The Advantages and Applications of a good ATE SYSTEM

Automated Test equipment is a testing apparatus that is designed to perform a single or sequence of tests on multiple devices at one time. Different types of testers include testing of electronics, hardware, and semiconductor devices, which are supported by highly integrated pin electronics (PE) devices. The PE devices deliver power and signals with accurate current and voltage.

It has the potential to check the characteristics of  DUT (Devices Under Test).

The signals derived from the driver comparator loader functions over various voltage and frequency levels to check the DUT functionalities. 

An ATE DPS (Device Power Supply) provides the necessary supply voltage required by the testing device. The DPS has force and sense lines similar to a typical power supply, as well as the capability to read back and measure the voltage and current.

The DPS Test System controls the inputs that independently sets the output voltage. They have adjustable clamps that limit the negative and positive output voltages. 

Advantages of Automated Test System:

ATE is a single measurement made continuously at very high rates or multiple measurements made by different units of functionality. 

Measurements made on a device under test (DUT) are typically calculated, stored and analyzed in an automated fashion by a form of computer.

These high-resolution products have outstanding signal-to-noise ratios (up to 72 dB) and are jitter free in dynamic range  so that small signal variations can be detected and analyzed.

A good ATE with high end integrated circuits are the perfect tools for testing precision components, sensors and systems that generate signals that need to be tightly controlled. Elevate mission is to serve our semiconductor and system test customers by providing world class test integrated circuits (ICs) that address the industry’s most complex ATE challenges.

Applications of ATE in Aerospace and other Industry:

Aerospace and defense organizations around the world are being asked to learn and integrate new RF and wireless technologies, manage new and often unbudgeted corporate or government mandates, and maintain legacy test equipment for years longer than originally planned.

The aerospace and defense industry has used the ATE’S modular instrumentation and application software for reduction of the overall cost and risk associated with the test and support of its products.

ATE quickly helps to quickly confirm whether the unit works and any underlying defect before it hits the market.

The global semiconductor automated test equipment market has seen a splurge due to the increase in demand for System-on-Chip (SoC) products in consumer electronics applications such as smartphones tablets, and laptops, among others.

The components of the ATE markets include Industrial PC, Mass Interconnect, Handler, and Probers.

The ATE report focuses on giving a detailed view of the complete ATE industry with regards to the application sector, with detailed market segmentations, combined with qualitative analysis of each and every aspect of the classification on the basis of applications, sub-applications, and geography.

Elevate brings the finest and world class integrated circuits for all the ATE needs. It exceeds the customer’s expectation, in any industry and at any point of time.

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