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Everything You Need to Know About Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

In a commercial or a public place experiencing heavy traffic or crowds, it is imperative that one take all the necessary precautions and measures required to help visitors to move about freely without slipping or falling. Avoiding this is the very task that is insured by a tactile ground surface indicator. 

This quick guide about tactile indicators and their application will help significantly if you are a new space owner in a commercial estate or have plenty of public space.

What are tactile indicators? 

It may seem as though not much can be avoided using a tactile indicator, especially if you’re a firm believer that safety signs in Australia were more of a hassle in comparison to tactile ground surface indicators

However, Truth Be Told, a tactile indicator, is even more important than a fire safety sign Within a public or commercial space.

Tactile indicators are the safety flooring systems installed in public spaces that seem to have a lot of heavy foot traffic and experience many pedestrians or public crowds. The purpose of using this tactical indicator is to provide a tactile surface on public pathways and be able to Access routes easily and avoid the causation of any pedestrian hazard.

They are also used to help visually impaired people disregard their general safety as pedestrians.

The different tactile indicators and their appearance.

The different tactile indicators it is specifically designed to cater to certain functionalities using the latest technology and the right quality of the material required to avoid any hazards when it comes to pedestrians and mass crowds. 

  • Peel & stick tactile ground surface indicators.

This peel and stick tactile indicators, or high-grade UV stabilised polyurethane indicators with an aggressive resin adhesive at the backside, can be stuck to any surface both indoors and outdoors on a smooth surface.

  • Single start tactile ground surface indicators

These are available in plenty of different materials such as stainless steel, Polly you are a thing sealed or even Carborundum. They are perfect to be used in smaller or angular areas with a curved surface instead of a smooth and straight surface. They are generally suitable for commercial use and not personal ones.

  • Tactile plates

These types of tactile indicators are able to withstand the heaviest of traffic areas and are extremely durable and hard-wearing. They are designed to work in high slip areas but perfect for indoor or outdoor application.

Some applications of these tactile ground surface indicators.

  • Schools and hospitals

At times like these, schools may be shut down, but hospitals have had a heavy influx of traffic each day supporting the cause and cure of COVID-19 as hospitals see this heavy traffic, the need to be secured down with the help of tactile grand surface indicators that helps in avoiding an accident within the periphery of the hospital.

  • Public offices

The importance of workplace safety needs to be emphasised at all times. The constant traffic in all public offices is extremely high daily, which needs to be regulated with the use of safety measures such as tactile ground surface indicators.

  • Commercial retail stores

Commercial real estate stores often experience plenty of foot traffic, especially on days with a heavy sale going on during a hot summer’s day or cold winters day. Extreme weather conditions drive people indoors as opposed to outdoors.

  • Recreational facilities

Recreational facilities often experience heavy foot traffic. In order to give all the guest a safe experience, it is important to use tactile indicators around the sporting areas.

  • Parks and pedestrian crossings

Indicators come in very handy near pedestrian crossings and parks. They are especially handy for the handicapped as well as visually impaired people. They do also help the common man to avoid any slippage on the daily walk.

These are some of the applications of tactile indicators within a public, outdoor and indoor space.

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