Reasons To Consider In-Home Companionship

Reasons To Consider In-Home Companionship

The most vital part of senior care or elderly care is companionship care services in the home. Although it is not the type of service that one considers at the get-go, however, if discussed with seniors requiring this form of care, they would insist on in-home companionship services. This often stems from the fact that in-home companionship care services focus not only on physical health but all aspects of mental health, such as depression and loneliness, that often lead seniors into physical ailments down the line.

Here are some of the reasons that you should consider companion home healthcare.

High-Risk For Isolation And Loneliness

Although anybody at any age can experience depression, depression is more frequent as a result of isolation or loneliness, of which seniors are at a higher risk than anyone else. Why is it that they are at a higher risk of having loneliness and isolation? It often stems from the fact that seniors don’t really have a social support system in place as they don’t quite have the people around as they did in their younger years. 

Often seniors find social support from their co-workers or immediate family and friends. However, as part of their retirement, they had to forego meeting up as regularly with their co-workers or even friends and family who tend to move away, which could lead to significant feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Seniors are also at risk of experiencing depression and loneliness as a result of the fact that they may be single, or divorced, or even widowed. These reasons could significantly affect their mental health. Getting an elderly companion care would easily help them to cope with the mental issues that they face.

Depression Leads To Serious Consequences

Once a person feels entrapped within the loneliness and depression scheme, they tend to spiral down it and not recover as soon as they would like. It’s also not possible to kill themselves just by visiting a cafe or a bar or even by just being involved in a conversation with someone. Depression can often be termed as a life-threatening ailment and even cause seniors to lose any motivation to do it, babies, or even look after themselves or their feelings. This could further worsen their physical ailments. 

One Can’t Provide All The In-Home Companionship Services Themselves

If the seniors in question are staying with an adult child or even a loved one of the seniors, they can still be living in complete isolation. The inability to spend quality time with them could significantly affect their mental health. However, if you’re living in the same area as you, you might not be able to spend as much time as possible either. 

You can, however, give them a limited amount of time with which they may never be satisfied. This could lead to internal stress and cause depression and feelings of isolation and loneliness. This is another big reason why companionship care services may be the best kind of service that you can provide for your elderly in this age and day.

These are some of the very valid and practically important reasons you should consider in-home companionship home health care for your elderly loved ones.

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