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Will Onions Keep Pest Away?

The rat family is one successful mammalian genera to grace the earth’s surface. In fact, they are known as opportunistic omnivores who consume food of any type. 

In fact, they would consume anything that comes along their way – from leaves to papers, damp wood, and also their faeces (in case they need it for survival). However, they are intelligent so they will adapt to any kind of situation. They understand what works the best for them and what may contribute to health issues.

So, can an onion bulb act as a controlling remedy for these creatures? Even if it can do wonders in the case of small rats, it might not be an excellent option for wild rats. 

So, how are onion slices great rat repellents?

If you’re looking for the best techniques for Rats Control in Sydney, let’s tell you that onions are toxic to rats. But they won’t kill them in an instant. However, they may make them sick. If you want to kill rats, you would require onions in a large quantity. However, that doesn’t mean that one or two bites will do the job.

Onions may make rats sick. So, if it does not kill the animal, it may make it sick. Rats that consume onions once will experience any long-term effects. But over a span of time, onions may eventually kill rats. 

Due to the strong smell, onions can put the rats off. But if you want to try a controlling remedy, what you can do is mix the onion paste with something that rats love consuming. In such scenarios, the smell of other food may cover up the smell of onion. And when rats accidentally consume it, they may feel sick. Regular use of this technique may eventually kill the rats.

Because it’s not an instant solution, onions are not considered an ideal pest controlling remedy. Rats know when they must not consume something and when they must avoid something. Some rats also avoid areas from where the raw smell of onion comes. 

Can cooked onions kill rats?

The cooking technique will reduce the smell of raw onions. Besides, cooking onions will reduce sulfur – the thing that rats are allergic to. Thus, cooking onions will reduce the chance of killing rats. Cooked onions are high in calories besides fat and oil. So, they might be great for humans. But for killing rats, cooked onions do not serve the right purpose. 

Are green onions effective for killing rats?

The answer is apparently no. But green onions happen to be milder than red onions. They might not smell that bad. But it might cause the rat to feel sick. And the chances are high that the rats would leave your house. As long as it does the job of throwing rats away from your house, you can try using them. But it will surely not be effective for killing rats.So, from the given narration, it can be stated that onions might not be effective for killing rats. Instead, you can call the Pest control Sydney professionals to take care of the job.

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