Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands: A Souvenir of Modern Partnerships

We often struggle to make a decision when it comes to any big-ticket purchase. Even if we feel confident about the price, it nearly feels impossible to assess when it comes to a wedding ring that you want to be perfect. From maybe holding the diamond wedding band up close to the light to inspect the special purchase to get help from the jewelry store staff who do know what to look for, picking out a wedding band can be a daunting task. Symbolism and meanings that narrate your intimate and personal stories are the ethe of wedding craftsmanship.

A wedding band is a significant investment- choose a premium quality diamond wedding band that can last through generations and can be integrated into different settings. But, how to select the “right” wedding band that symbolizes your reflection and carries the legacy later on? Here are some styles to choose for “her” : 

Vintage Styled Wedding Band 

There is an entire category of vintage wedding band styles which are unique and distinct. The vintage styled wedding rings are inspired by historical periods, each bringing some unique attribute to the table. Some of the most popular vintage wedding rings:

 Victorian wedding rings: These wedding bands are brightly colored, bold in design, and possess vivid style. While gemstones were often subsumed into the wedding bands of the early Victorian period, diamonds, platinum, and silver became in demand later on. 

Georgian wedding rings: Greek designs primarily inspire the wedding bands from this period. The style features a natural theme like leaves, flowers, or birds. The wedding rings from this age carry the essence of the tranquility of nature.

Edwardian wedding rings: These rings are feminine, intricate, and aesthetically sophisticated. Filigree and milgrain are commonly incorporated in the designs for this period.

Art deco wedding rings: Geometrical shapes, linear designs, and a natural tone are the characteristic features of the wedding rings.   

Art nouveau wedding rings: These rings encompass natural motifs and symmetrical lines along with intricate metalwork. 

Classic Designed Wedding Bands 

Yellow gold is a traditional metal incorporated with a little embellishment (or not) meant to represent love, trust, and reflection of a relationship. The classic style remains among the most popular designs of wedding bands in Canada. Classic designed wedding rings are designed with precious metals and embody reflective and smooth finishes, from matte, satin, brushed, etc. These finishes reflect a depth and grace to the ring. 

Eternity Wedding Band

This wedding band style features diamonds surrounding the entire circumference of the ring. It is a classic design offering style with sophistication. There a couple of variations to the eternity type, including:

Half eternity: Diamonds are only encrusted in half the circumference of the ring

Gemstone eternity rings: These incorporate other gemstones and not diamonds. 

Different shapes and settings: Different cuts instead of traditional round diamond and the stones are encrusted in different ways, like prong, channel.

Twisted Wedding Band 

In the twisted wedding bands for women, two metal bands are twisted simultaneously into a curving design. The symbolism incorporated represents two individuals coming together as one forever. Popular creative designs in this sub-category are the inclusion of two different metals or embellishments for each section of the band. 

Matching Curved Wedding Band

Some women want the wedding band to take the second position to highlight and compliment the engagement ring. A matching curved wedding band design is created to suit various styles and shapes of the engagement ring. It needs to be customized in unison with the engagement ring. The two most popular designs of this wedding band type are the V or wishbone design. 

A wedding band signifies sentiments and reflection of the partnership of the betrothed couple. From incorporating clusters of gemstones to a single solitaire in artful settings, a wedding band symbolizes love, trust and partnership for eternity.  

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