Unique Ways to Use Translucent Powder

Unique Ways to Use Translucent Powder

If you’re someone who’s always in favor of a matte look, then the translucent powder is gonna work like magic to get that perfect makeup. Any experienced makeup artist would likely tell you that translucent powder is an absolute must-have for any look. Nothing beats it for setting makeup (foundation, lipstick, concealer, etc.) because it’s colorless, transparent, and provides the evenest, long-lasting, natural-looking finish. 

Because of the emollients used to force the substance into the compact, pressed powder has a thicker feel and provides more opaque coverage than loose powder. 

Best ways to use translucent powder:

  • Fix those oily lids:

If you have oily lids, you can easily fix it by applying a bit of concealer, set it all with translucent powder, afterward apply eyeshadow. The reason translucent setting powder is being used here is that it will soak the excess oil. 

  • Sweaty palms and feet? We’ve got it covered! :

Translucent setting powder is often used in high-stress situations that can cause sweating, particularly on the hands and feet. In such a situation the best you can do is take the powder, when your palms or feet get clammy, dab a little on them. The powder’s setting properties will aid in lifting and removing excess oil and water, majorly the components of sweat. 

  • Fixing the runny eyeliner:

When you’ve applied eyeliner on the upper lid, go over it with some translucent powder using a thin brush. Again, on the bottom of the lash line, you can do a line of powder underliner and over it. It can stay for all day! You’re ready for all the day and evening time selfies now! 

  • Concealer setter:

Fixing those dark circles and under-eye lines with concealer, but what is going to fix the concealer itself? You guessed it right! Set the eye concealer with the translucent powder. It is better to choose this than going for a compact powder. Yes, it works well also but often compact powder leaves that cakiness effect underneath the eyes afterward. Translucent powder will help you to get that natural look. 

  • Fix your hair:

Yes, you read it right! Translucent powder is not just useful for the face but for hair as well. When you’re in a hurry and your hair needs a quick refresh. If you don’t have any dry shampoo on hand, sift a small amount of transparent powder over your roots, rub it in with your fingertips, and voila! You’ve got fast degreasing and volume boost.

  • Replacing foundation:

For every woman out there, you can relate to this in the best possible way. There are days when you don’t feel like doing anything to your skin, no foundation, concealer, nothing! Despite feeling like that you still want to have a good skin look when you step out. Guess the thing which is always there to fix everything, irrespective of how you feel. The one and only translucent loose setting powder. 

You can do it with a little bit of concealer on your under eyes and set everything with a  translucent powder. 

Whether you’re looking for the best translucent setting powder for black skin, dusky or wheatish tone, the best thing is that it is available for all skin types and all skin tones. 

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