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8 Tips To Try On A Wedding Dress Before Going To The Salon

So that buying a wedding dress does not turn into a complicated and tedious undertaking, before you go shopping, you need to decide on the desired models. You can choose the style of the outfit in different ways: either study the range of the largest wedding salons in the city or browse the catalogs of specialized sites on the Internet. So you can, with minimal loss of time, determine what kind of wedding dress you would like to wear on your wedding day.

Tips Before Going to a Wedding Dress Salon

  1. First and foremost you need to decide on a list of wedding salons. Information on prices and assortment can be found on the internet, where you can easily and without wasting time select a wedding white dress in a price range available to you. 

  2. It is not worth buying an outfit in the midst of the wedding season. In August and September, new models appear in showrooms, prices for which are noticeably higher. In this case, it is recommended to buy a dress 2-3 months before the wedding. 

  3. It is necessary to choose a dress according to your body type. It will be more difficult for girls with curvaceous or, conversely, thin ones to choose a dress than ladies with standard figures. In this situation, information on the internet can help out. There it is easy to find expert advice on choosing the right style of bride dressing gown based on the characteristics of the figure. 

  4. Don’t be afraid to try on all the dresses in the bridal salon. The style chosen from the magazine may not suit your body type at all. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with styles and custom made wedding dresses to find the most suitable one. 

  5. It is useful to take a friend or mother with you to the salon. Vendors are known to go out of their way to ensure that the dress is only purchased from their bridal shop. Mom or close friend will be able to give really valuable advice and advice about the chosen outfit model. 

  6. Taking pictures of yourself in dress models being tried on can also be very useful. This will help you quickly make a choice in favor of a particular style. But not all salons are allowed to take photographs. In this case, you can inform the seller that the photo of the dress is taken for the mother, without whose advice and opinion it will be difficult for you to make a choice. 

  7. The right accessories play a very important role in the wedding look. Makeup, veil, hairstyle, shoes, and other details must be chosen carefully and in accordance with the chosen style. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of veils. Now their assortment is quite large: long, short, single layer, in several tiers, with beautiful embroidery, complemented by satin ribbons, rhinestones, and stones. 

  8. A hairstyle with sleek hair is best suited to a satin or silk dress. Loose hair goes with a chiffon dress, and curly hair is ideal for dresses made of guipure with lace. The main thing is that the hairstyle should not hinder the movement of the bride. You need to supplement it with jewelry wisely and use no more than two items. Hairpins with rhinestones, miniature hats, tiaras, and flowers are suitable as jewelry. 

If you encounter poor service, such as an unprofessional, rude, or intrusive salesperson, leave the salon. It is absolutely not worth wasting your nerves and valuable time, especially since there are plenty of wedding salons and special shops with wedding assortment now.

It is recommended as a last resort to give in to various promotions and discounts, which many wedding salons are trying to lure new clients with. Buying a dress in a hurry at a discount can be very disappointing, since buying a cheap outfit does not always make it possible to see its flaws.

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