Tree Removal With Stump

Understanding the Complete Procedure of Tree Removal With Stump

Tree removal from populated residential properties is not as easy as you cut it from a forest. It takes experience, advanced equipment and a lot of calculations to make sure that the tree will not fall in the wrong direction. On YouTube, you must have seen a lot of DIY videos of tree cutting. They seem to be very easy and interesting but the reality is something different. In order to make one perfect DIY video, countless failed attempts also contributed.

Anyone with a rented chainsaw cannot become a tree cutting expert. If anything goes wrong, it may result in severe damage to the property and also cause injuries. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a professional agency for tree removal services in Sacramento. They provide highly trained arborists capable of handling every kind of tree proficiently. 

How an Arborist Handles Tree Removal Task 

Before starting with the process of tree removal, arborists inspect the entire area to figure out the potential threats. They get an estimate of the tree’s dimensions to make sure that the removed part will not cause damage to the nearby property. After inspecting, they make a list of necessary cutting and safety equipment to start the process. 

  • Branches Removal 

The first step of tree removal starts with cutting of branches. It is among the most complicated tasks because heavy branches are difficult to control after cutting. In order to maintain safety,  arborists start removing branches from the bottom. They use a chainsaw for branch cutting and also need a safety harness to stand firmly. Hardness is the most important safety measure to reach on the top of the tree. Once reaching at the top, they start the trunk removal process.

  • Trunk Removal

Only experienced staff of tree removal service in Sacramento knows how to cut the trunk of a tree safely and smartly. This process starts from the crown and gradually lower down to the stump. Cutting the logs of trees from height involves a lot of risk.

Trunk is the heaviest part of a tree and requires a proper harnessing system to remove safely. They tie logs with a strong harness in order to prevent it from falling suddenly e without any control. Trunk cutting requires experienced hands because random cuts may spoil the timber of the entire tree. Professional arborists know how and where to make the cut on the trunk so that proper size of slippers can be obtained for furniture manufacturing. 

  • Stump Removal

After reaching the bottom, the risk factors also reduce. Only the stump of a tree remains behind. There is no need to hire someone else for stump removal in Sacramento. Ask them to accomplish this task as soon as possible. Stump appears to be a small thing but actually very stubborn when it comes to removal.

Chipping out with a chainsaw is the most common process of removal. However, the roots remain intact that increases the chances of regrowth. For every type of stump, they have different techniques of removal such as burning, chemical routing and winch pulling.

  • Residue Disposal 

After the complete removal of a tree, its residue disposal is also a big headache. You can utilise the leaves of the tree for making compost. Branches can be utilised as firewood and trunk for furniture manufacturing. Request the agency of tree removal service in Sacramento to dispose of the entire residue without leaving anything behind. 

This four step process requires skilled hands and proper tools to execute the job efficiently. 

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