Top Styling Tips For Designer Dresses To Steal From Coco Chanel

Top Styling Tips For Designer Dresses To Steal From Coco Chanel

When we talk about fashion, there is no chance that we can miss the whip hand of Coco Chanel. The 1883 born fashion designer is responsible for revolutionizing the fashion world to brilliance. She says, “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is a runaway.”

Began in the vintage era to still be carried into modern times, Coco Chanel’s fashion principles are a treasure for fashion mongers. Thus, here we have stolen some of her top-notch tips that will help you style your designer dresses like a pro. Have a glance!

Fashion Has Two Purposes – Comfort and Love

Coco highly believed in the idea of comfortable dressing. After all, a blissfully comfortable dress is one that helps have a ball on special occasions.

You can ensure the easiness of your dressing by hooking for light fabric. Chiffon, cotton, georgette, and silk are some smooth fabric choices in designer evening gowns that are also helpful in making you runaway-ready.

In Order To Be Irreplaceable, One Must Be Different

Uniqueness is the key to stay at the forefront of the fashion world. If you desire to be a trend-setter by standing out, you ought to consider the current trends and carry them in your own special ways. Wondering how? Check out some Avant-garde styles in the collection of special occasion dresses to make it possible.

  • Cut Glass

Not everyone likes to go with bold choices. But that’s what is a secret to your eye-catching statement. Glass-cut is the latest fashion trend that is meant to make a woman look smoking hot. You can own this ornating look for prom, homecoming, cocktails, and new year eve.

  • Pearl Beaded

Imagine making the people go gaga over your magical vibes! Surprisingly, this can now be a reality with pearl beaded designer ball gowns. The preciousness of pearls and the beauty of a ball gown is a deadly combination to go all dazzling.

  • Asymmetrical High Slit

Sometimes imperfections are beautiful. Asymmetrical high-slit designer gowns are proof that a lady can be off-balanced yet outstanding at the same time. Pick the one with beaded or sequin details to be a trailblazer fashionista this year.

The Best Color In The Whole World Is One That Looks Good On You

Coco’s love for fashion and colors is as high as the sky. She knew that colors play a big role in making a style statement appear stunning. It is why you should pay great attention to the choice of colors when shopping for beautiful evening dresses.

Make sure that the color of outfits best blends with your skin tone. The fair women can go for bright colors like pink, purple, neon, emerald, and others. Warm shades in formal dresses such as orange, yellow, and olive suits seamlessly to dusky and dark style hunters.

Ready To Be A Style Powerhouse?

Caring about how you look has to start in your heart and soul”, said none other than fashion queen – Coco Chanel. As she described the wonders of fashion and styling in magical ways, we bet you are fascinated to take your style game to the next level. So, start following her lead from now onwards, and let your best-loved designer dresses speak volumes for you.

Happy Styling!

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