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Top 4 Must-Have Golf Course Tools For Every Superintendent

Golf is much more than a sport. The perfectly designed golf courses surrounded by pristine landscapes act as a meditation for the golfers. A well-maintained golf course works wonders for establishing a satisfied clientele and results in positive ROI. However, golf course maintenance is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and patience. 

In addition, golf course maintenance is an expensive chore as you will require a fleet of golf maintenance tools and equipment. Without the right equipment, you can’t expect to provide golfers with the best playing conditions. And the machines like mowers, aerators, blowers, sweepers, etc., tend to be expensive, making the golf course maintenance expensive.

So, what tools do you need for golf course maintenance? In this guide, we will share a list of the top 4 must-have tools for every golf course superintendent and manager.

Mowers: Mowing comprises more than half of golf course maintenance. So, golf mowers are the first tool that you need for course maintenance. Since turf characteristics vary even on the same field, you can’t expect to have a perfectly mowed turf with just one mower. Instead, you will need a wide range of mowing equipment, such as:

  • Green mowers
  • Walk-behind mowers
  • Triplex mowers
  • Tee mowers
  • Fairway mowers
  • Approach mowers
  • Rough mowers
  • Collar mowers

How many mowers you require will depend on the size of your golf course. For instance, for an 18-hole golf course, you will require around 6-10 walking greens mowers. And if you want your mower to handle the large turf maintenance tasks, you need advanced used golf course mowers. And the type of mower you will need will also depend on environmental conditions, location, grass type, usage, golf course size, etc.

Utility vehicle: Another golf course maintenance tools include a trailer with a utility vehicle, especially if you use walk-behind mowers. A utility vehicle helps superintendents to move mowers from one place to another quickly. You needn’t spend your whole day walking with the mower to reach another golf course end. You can use a utility vehicle not only for the transportation of mowers but for all types of golf maintenance tools. You have to assign a trailer and utility vehicle to every worker contributing to golf course maintenance.

Hydraulic lifter: Since a golf course maintenance tool or machine can ditch you in the middle of the golf course without prior notice, it is difficult to shift faulty mowers and other machines manually. At times, a hydraulic lifter can help you move faulty mowers from the field. Apart from the golf course, you can use your hydraulic lifter in the garage to raise or lower other used golf course equipment.

Handheld and backpack blowers: You can’t have a clean golf course without multiple blowers. They help you remove debris, leaves, and grass cuttings from the field. There are two types of blowers, including handheld and backpack blowers. Handheld blowers are ideal for small areas, whereas backpack blowers are ideal for large areas. However, you will need to assign both types of blowers to your team so that they can easily clean every nook and corner of the golf course.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what golf course maintenance tools you will need, it is vital to maintain the equipment. You should instruct your team on how to take care of golf maintenance tools and equipment so that they can serve you in the long run. While these tools are expensive, you can search for used golf course equipment for sale, especially if you don’t want to spend more on golf course maintenance tools.

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