Top 10 Headphone Brands That Are Sure To Leave You Impressed

 Technological advances in all spheres have leaped significantly in the past decade, leading to the valuation of the global earphone and headphone market at USD 25.1 billion in 2019. Moreover, with the rise in the number of customers looking for an enhanced music experience, multiple headphone brands are at loggerheads to secure most of the demand.

What Do People Look For In A Headphone?

Deciding on a headphone isn’t as simple as choosing which algebra calculator to use for your assignments. There are many factors that people take into consideration before making their final decision. 

Some look for enhanced music experience and therefore give more importance to the gadget’s specs, such as the frequency range and sensitivity. Meanwhile, others focus more on comfortability and affordability.

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Other factors that usually play a significant role in choosing headphones are:

  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Wireless/Non-wireless
  • Cables
  • Noise-cancellation feature
  • Price

Depending on individual taste, each person will have their priorities when deciding on which headphones to buy.

Top 10 Brands That You Can Choose To Buy Headphones

Tech expert Joshua Miles notes, “The demand for high-quality headphones has risen more than 48% in the past couple of years. So, brands are always trying to stay one step ahead of each other through innovative commercialization.”

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Despite the competitive market, ten brands have secured their place of fame with their high-end technology and top-notch products. These are:

1. Sennheiser

Leading the headphone market is none other than Sennheiser, a brand that enjoys immense popularity due to their high-quality headphones at affordable price ranges. In addition, the company has multiple models that range between the low to high price range, ensuring that you don’t have to deprive yourself of their headphones.

Almost all of their headphones have noise-cancellation, high durability, and excellent battery quality than the usual you might get at these price points. 

2. Bose

Bose might not be the first brand you look at if you want affordable headphones. But it is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to quality. Their usual prices start from $300, but there’s no doubt that few can compare to Bose’s cutting-edge technology.

You’ll find many wireless options along with headphones geared explicitly towards sports enthusiasts and visual and hard-of-hearing people. 

3. JBL

With over 70 years of experience in the industry, JBL is another brand that you can rest assured will provide you with the best quality headphones. Their models are more commercialized than Sennheiser’s, and the affordable price range makes them very popular among the crowd. 

Those who prefer bass-boosted frequencies usually choose JBL because of their rich sound quality. In addition, their sleek design and colorful products are always an added benefit to those who give more priority to the headphone designs.

4. Sony

Sony has always been a formidable competitor in the electronics market but not as strong as Sennheiser or Bose when it comes to headphones. However, that doesn’t mean Sony isn’t one of the leading brands in the music industry. So whether you’re a sound engineer or a high-school student, you’re bound to find something that you like among their popular devices.

5. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica is a Japanese company that specializes in making high-end headphones at very affordable prices. Their devices can range from $150 to $1500, depending on what you’re looking for. Audio-Technica is famous for its range of M-series headphones that took the market by storm. 

They also focus on comfortability and durability, keeping up-to-date with the current trends among the customers. While some might feel bulky, they have sleeker designs to accommodate everyone’s tastes.

6. Beats

Beats by Dre is a subsidiary of Apple Inc that specializes specifically in headphones and speakers. Their models are mostly wireless and connected by Bluetooth technology to provide listeners a hands-free listening experience.

Beats headphones have a good range, targeting various customers like music enthusiasts, the general crowd, and professional musicians. Their battery life is worth noting though perhaps improved durability could be helpful for those who have slippery fingers. 

7. Skullcandy

Skullcandy is well-known for delivering affordable and bright colored headphones. Their devices are for the general masses who prefer their music bass-boosted but don’t expect the same quality. They do have headphones along the pricier side that include noise-cancellation and better sound quality. However, versatility isn’t their strongest point.

8. Logitech

While Logitech has made a name for producing computer accessories, they’re also well-known for their gaming headphones. So if you’re looking for an excellent wireless headphone to plug in while playing on your PS4, Logitech might be your best bet. However, they’re more on the bulkier side when it comes to design and hence aren’t best-suited for general use. 

9. Jabra

Jabra is a veteran in the market for making headsets designed for office use. However, their smaller range of commercial headphones is nothing to scoff at. The truly wireless pieces provide a well-balanced sound and erase the background cacophony effectively. Not all the headphones have noise cancellation, but the ones that do give a pretty good experience.

10. Plantronics

Plantronics is an excellent brand for those who want decent-quality Bluetooth wireless headsets. While their bulkier design might be off-putting for many, the headphones are pretty durable and have a long battery life of 30 hours. Despite not having the opportunity to make any customizations on the companion app, you can still enjoy decent music nevertheless.

Summing it up,

The ten brands in this blog are the leading pioneers in a market that keeps changing every few years. With the evolution of technology, you can expect to see these brands frequently come up with newer models. Try not to get too overwhelmed, and before making a decision, check which brand suits your need the most.

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