Things To Consider When Buying Green Tea Online In Australia

Things To Consider When Buying Green Tea Online In Australia

Whether you want to buy green tea for health concerns or just as an alternative to regular tea, there are a bunch of brands to choose from. But how to ensure that you are purchasing the right green tea? There are a bunch of sources where you can buy green tea online in Australia. But to ensure the best quality, you need to choose the right source along with other factors that we will talk about in this blog. 

Green tea is produced using tea leaves and the bud of the plant. The manufacturers boil the leaves, pan-fry them and finally roll them to dry. The flavor of green tea depends on the way the leaves are rolled. While some brands offer impressive quality green tea, others provide low-quality leaves. If you are new to using green tea, it would be beneficial to know how to buy the best herbal tea. Here’s everything you want to know.

Why do green tea leaves not lose their green color?

When the green tea leaves are brought to heat, they are removed before giving them a chance to turn brown. The manufacturers do not let the leaves undergo oxidation or fermentation. Unlike black tea, green tea leaves do not undergo fermentation, which allows them to retain their green color. 

Tips to Choose the Best Green Tea

Mind the color

The first thing to consider while looking for green tea is its color. As we mentioned, green tea does not undergo fermentation, and its chlorophyll remains in the leaves. The manufacturers carefully skip this step while producing green tea. This process also makes green tea the best form of tea that includes all the antioxidants of the tea leaves. This results in the best organic herbal tea, including many health benefits. 

So when you buy a good quality green tea, it should retain its green color after brewing it in the cup. 

Check the origin of green tea.

If you want to buy green tea online in Australia, you should always look for the origin of the tea. Most brands provide tea that is either cheap or brings them more revenue. But it would help if you shopped from a reliable source that offers organically sourced tea. It will always be worthwhile to spend some time researching and finding out the best origin for green tea. 

Always get whole leaf green tea. 

When you are purchasing herbs online in Australia, make sure to buy loose leaves. Whole leaf or loose leaf tea is far better than tea bags, and they are also more flavorsome. 

The best green tea is sourced organically, and it has the best flavor. You can also look for some suggestions and buy green tea in Australia from the best store. 


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