Academic Stress

The Outstanding Role of Peer Support in Managing Academic Stress

Do you know 36% of college students mentioned “stress” as the biggest reason behind their academic performances suffering negatively for the past 12 months? 61% of teens admitted feeling a lot of burdens to get good grades. If we are to look at these alarming stats, then there’s no point denying the fact that academic stress is for real, and we have no choice other than combating and eradicating the odd. 

Talking of the challenges and consequences of academic stress; the right peer support has a major role to play. If the youngsters are backed by the right peer, motivated and encouraged to make the right life decisions, then things can improve, and the young souls can get a simpler life to breathe free. 

Now that you are eager to explore the reach and potential of peer support in managing academic stress, read through this blog. It shall guide you through its nitty-gritty elementary insights and elaborate on the bigger picture in this context. 

Here you go! 

  • Good peer keeps students motivated 

Fostering positive motivation helps students win over more than half of the worldly challenges around them. So, having a group of friends, alumni and neighbours can actually help the youngsters buckle up in a lot many ways. 

Here’s everything you need to know in this context. 

  • Good friends will never grow or succeed alone. Rather, they will always make it a point to take you along with them and include them in their winning streak. 
  • They will show you paths to succeed, and ideas that will help you evolve as a better human being with each passing day. 
  • If you are having a bad at school or college, then a clan of self-motivated and genuine friends will never pull you back with further criticism.
  • Rather, they will always motivate you to face negativities, pick the positive message from a plethora of negative vibes, learn from your own mistakes and move on. 
  • If you are grappling with an overly complicated assignment, then helpful alumni and neighbours can always come into play.
  • They can leverage their experience and help you in overcoming the assignment challenges seamlessly. 

Now, with helpful and positive people around, you would rarely feel intimated or threatened by the odds of academic stress. You just need to keep your circle small and qualitatively enriched. Do not disclose your secrets or disclose your vulnerabilities in front of random people you have recently met. You never know, they might take advantage of your situation and make you feel more stressed. 

So, the idea is to make good friends, stick around with helpful seniors and face your fears like there’s no tomorrow. 

  • Late night talks help, at times 

Even though there are contradictions in terms of students staying up late till night, certain studies reveal that it is perfectly okay to have a late-night conversation with your closest buds. If you are way too stressed out, then call up your best friend and have a healthy chat. 

Explain to him/her about your pain points or the factors that are preventing you from being happy and stress-free. 

Moreover, if you are busy in the day, then a relaxing conversation during the night can help you keep all worries aside. Having said that; you should not get addicted to the practice of staying up late every single night and involve in silly Smartphone app browsing. 

  • Being a part of online peer support community helps equally 

Talking of Smartphone devices and applications, in this era of advanced math problem solver and shopping apps, you can always be a part of hundreds of progressive peer communities. From to, several digital platforms foster healthy living, mental relaxation, emotional backup, and the likes. 

So, you can always carry out an extensive survey around the internet, get to know more about such online peer support groups and sign up for a reputable name. 

The presence and application of online peer support communities are doing a great job across the world. It is not always possible to meet your friends and acquaintances in person every single day, especially during these trying times of the Covid-19 criticality. 

This is where online peer support communities come into play. You can simply stay back at home, join hundreds and millions of fellow members, converse with them, involve in brainstorming sessions, and other self-motivational activities. 

Simply make sure that the name you will be signing up for, proves to be genuinely helpful in nature, with real time community members ruining the show. 

  • Involve your friends in healthy conversation 

Involving in nonsensical conversations or criticising others is not recommended when it comes to talking about good peers. If you are academically stressed, then involve in healthy conversation with your peers and chalk out newer avenues and methods to face, combat and overcome stress by all means. 

Here are some easy suggestions for you to consider in this context. 

  • For example, if you are stressed due to a set of unfinished assignments, or fast-approaching exam, then meet your friends and stick to that particular topic. 
  • The more you will talk about the setbacks, better will be your chances to develop correctional measures. 
  • Instead of that, if you merely get involved in silly chit chats, and backbite others, then that won’t ever lead you to achieve success in the long run. 
  • Talk about your course of study, five years plan down the line, and watch what others have to say regarding the perspectives you put across. 

To End With, 

Now that you are aware of how peer support helps students deal with academic stress, refer to this blog, embrace the best practice and get around with the right people under the sun. Remember, any form of mental stress is only a state of mind. If you have the right motivator to back you up and pull you through the thick and thin of life, then nothing in this world is impossible to achieve. 

Good luck!

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