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Step By Step Simple Everyday Body Skincare For Beginners

Following skincare blogs blindly without analyzing what your skin actually needs? Skin Care is a never-ending topic that cannot be compiled in one article. That is because when it comes to skincare and beauty, everybody has a different approach to it. Obviously, when every individual is blessed with a different skin type, skincare ought to be different. Once considered a waste of time, this niche has gained immense importance amongst people of every age. Every other blogger is coming up with a new type of skincare. But you cannot follow them blindly because they will discuss what suits best for their skin, but that may not be ideal for your skin. But, the bottom line is that skin care is important, so you should try and maintain one. With tons of products available, how to decide what to buy and what to leave? It’s simple, create a regime for self. 

Step by step skincare regime

According to us, skincare should be simple and doesn’t eat up much of your time so that you can follow it even on the busiest day. But it should also involve all the steps that award you a soft, supple skin at the end. Honestly, there are four basic steps for successful skin care; however, you can add steps as you catch on to a regime. Keep products like hand cream with you to reapply it frequently. Here is a basic skincare regime for beginners. 


Whether it’s the skin of your face or you are starting skincare for your body, the first step will always include cleansing. Whenever you start painting, you start on a clean canvas. Similarly, your canvas/skin should be clean before applying anything else. For that, understand your skin type. If it’s dry, make sure you use a mild cleanser. For oily skin, buy products that balance the oils. Don’t expect a face wash to work on the body or a body wash to work well on your face. Keep separate products that don’t dry out your skin. 


The next step is to slough away and add the rough, dead skin. So, put on some scrub and rub gently. Don’t put much pressure and let the beads do the work. Exfoliate for about 2 mins and wash off. Scrubbing can be tricky because it can irritate your skin if you overdo it. So, make sure you buy a mild scrubber and use it only 1-2 times a week. 


After the first two steps, pat dry your skin. When it’s a little damp, apply moisturizer on every part of the body. This is the right way to lock the moisture in your skin while providing extra nourishment that was lost in scrubbing. So, always invest in good body butter.  

Sun protection

Never, we repeat, never leave your house without a good amount of sunscreen. It is the most common step people skip. Protect your skin from harmful sun rays at any cost. 

This is the simplest skincare regime a beginner can try. 

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