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Sheet Mask Mistakes That Most People Make

The usage of sheet masks has become common practice today, and it did originate back in Korea as a part of the skincare routine. However, the concept did not catch up across the world until about the early 2000s. In the early 2000s, they were still considered a luxury practice across the world, and today have become more common. With sheet masks being fairly a new concept around the world today compared to back in Korea, many newbies tend to make plenty of mistakes regarding their usage of natural sheet masks. 

Here are some mistakes that one makes while using natural sheet masks: 

  • Not Appropriately Prepping the Face Before Usage

The circumstances under which most people tend to use sheet masks are urgent or to see instant effects. People often tend to avoid washing their hands and face before using the sheet mask in urgent situations. Washing the face before using the sheet ensures that the topmost layer of dirt is cleansed off the face for better absorption of the serums used in the sheet masks. Not doing so will only let the serum and all its goodness only work on the surface level and not penetrate deep inside the skin. Using a gentle cleanser on the skin could go a long way in ensuring that the products seep deep into the skin. If you have a combination of oily skin, cleansing with a cleansing mousse works perfectly. In case of sensitive and dry or dehydrated skin, go with a moisturizing cleanser or an oil cleanser/balm; they also protect the skin from drying out.

  • Not Choosing the Right Type of Face Mask

Today there is a plethora of sheet masks available to mankind. Some are made with major concentrations of the right active ingredients, such as hyaluronic serums and retinol, and others are made using vitamins, minerals, and hydration goodness from everyday ingredients. Choosing just about any sheet mask doesn’t help as the idea that one mask fits all doesn’t work. It is important to find the right natural sheet mask that brings about varying benefits and effects on one’s skin. One should keep in mind that the ingredients of a particular sheet mask target the skin problems of a particular skin type and work towards healing them. 

  • Not Putting the Sheet Mask on Bare Face

This issue tends to arise in most dehydrated or dry skin types. As the skin tends to dry out after even gentle cleansing, those with these skin types tend to pack on moisturizer to avoid flaky, dry skin. However, the moisturizer acts as a barrier from letting the essence from the sheet masks penetrate deeper into the skin. Thus, it is important to apply sheet masks on bare skin and not over a moisturizer of any sort. This is a huge mistake one makes. 

  • Not Using the Leftover Essence

We tend to use the sheet mask on the face for the stipulated period of time mentioned in the instructions. Sure, the face can feel a bit sticky after the usage of the mask, but it’s important not to waste the essence remaining on the sheet after use. Ensure to tap the leftover essence on the face and the neck and massage in the goodness to encourage the blood flow and activate the seepage of actives. 

  • Washing the Skin After Using Sheet Mask

As mentioned before, the face could feel sticky after applying the sheet mask, and people tend to wash away the remnants left on the skin. Washing one’s face removes the essence and defeats the point of putting on sheet masks, further stripping the skin off all the goodness. 

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