Hazard Warning Signs

Quick Guide On 5 Types Of Hazard Warning Signs

Safety signs are categorized in various types. Here are five major signs that you must know.

Prohibition Signs

As the name suggests, these hazard warning signs tend to prohibit the entry of the visitor from a particular area. The word prohibition means— can’t do, therefore this sign tells you all that you can’t do. Whenever you have to warn employees, workers, visitors etc. about things that they can’t do, you will need a prohibition sign. These signs are universally recognizable as they have a red circle with a diagonal line through it. These signs are usually put in a private property where only authorized persons are allowed.

Mandatory Signs

These signs tell the visitors about what they must do. The word mandatory means— must do, therefore these hazard warning signs tell you all that you should do. Whenever there is an instruction that needs to be followed, you will need a mandatory sign. If you are at a place where the visitors need some protective equipment like foot protection, eye protection etc then you can place this sign at the entrance. This will guide visitors about what they must do before entering.

Danger Signs

These signs are mostly seen as electrical warning signs. Danger signs warn people about the potentially life threatening hazards or any hazardous condition that they need to be aware of. The sign board here generally has DANGER written in the red oval circle to alert people about the threat. Whether there are any high voltage areas around that should not be entered by unauthorized visitors, these signs are placed at the entrance of that area. Please note danger signs should never be ignored as a little carelessness can lead to a life threatening hazard.

Warning Signs

Warning signs, as the name suggests, are placed to warn the workers and visitors about any hazard or hazardous condition. The signs can be placed anywhere. You can use it at a construction site to warn visitors about the slippery floor. You can also use it when there is a bind turn ahead to ensure awareness to the driver. Warning signs let you know you could get hurt if not careful. These signs are made with a yellow background, having black triangle around the hazard symbol.

Fire Signs

Fire safety signs are one of the most common signs that you will find at various public places. These signs are placed to warn people about the fire and guide them towards fire extinguishers. You might spot these signs around fire alarms, fire fighting equipment etc. In this sign board, all the text is written in capital, bold and white color. Even the sign for that matter is white in color and the background is red. The red background makes the text and sign stand out, increasing its visibility. Fire signs are placed to indicate location of fire blankets, fire hoses, fire extinguishers and more.
All of these hazard warning signs demonstrate safety and security of the visitors. The color and design principles are laid out as per the country standards to make it more compliant to the message. If you are looking for appropriate warning signs for your workplace, visit www.safetycivil.com today.

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