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Psychology of Sales At Outdoor Craft Shows Near Me

Searching for ‘outdoor craft fairs near me’, this is the right page for you. When you’ve selected the day for your craft show and an apt venue and timings for the same, it’s time that you start displaying juried items. Your stall should be well made and handsome. The only question is how to bring customers to your stall in the upcoming craft shows

The Most Obvious Stuff At Craft Shows 

Your stall should not be sloppy but attractive. Table clothes must be floor-length so that you can tuck boxes, crates, extra stock all under it rather than shoving them here and there. Your display should be uncluttered, easy to view, and clean. You should wear outfits that are neat and professional and greet everyone with a warm and nice smile. This might sound like pretty standard stuff but that’s necessarily important. It’s time to look deeper into the psychology of craft fairs and festivals with the not-so-obvious stuff. 

Things Not Obvious At Craft Shows 

One of the best things to learn is how to sell your art at the craft shows by getting into the shoes of the customers. You must know that customers should not feel pressured when they enter your stall. They should be attracted to your craft and you must know how to converse with them. You can also take a lesson from your competitors. Plus, when someone walks into your stall, you must make a quick decision on whether to engage in the conversation or not. 

Come up with the lines that can help you get across the critical sales in a very few words. However, for some reason one of the most important things is that your craft stall should be functional rather than decoration. Make great coffee cups for your customers and let them walk around for a while and then start crisp conversations to indulge them in the craft. 

Use Humor 

Never underestimate the power of humor. Customers love humor because it has the power to relax them. You can prepare a few standard jokes to break the ice and the secret is not to make the jokes sound canned. It might sound lame but everyone deserves a great chuckle. This is how they will feel comfy about asking questions without feeling any pressure. 

Learn Everything About Your Venue 

There are varied sales techniques that work differently at different places. You can’t be boisterous and loud without wine tasting. Different venues have distinct demographics who in turn respond to different types of varied sales pitches. So, with time and experience, you’ll learn what’s best for you. With experience, you’ll learn what’s best for you. Learn more about the customers and the venue in order to understand the whole concept better. 

On the whole, there’s always an element of risk when a customer walks into your stall. Make them feel comfy by offering a neutral or friendly greeting. Acknowledge the customer without making any demands and you’re good to go. 

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