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PDFBear Guide: The Online Platform For Your Online Converter Tool Needs

Most people who use electronic documents, such as the Portable Document Format (PDF), or as it is often known as a PDF file, are having trouble coping with various difficulties that come with it. If you’re experiencing trouble with your PDF file, the best thing you can do is look for a more fundamental solution to easily solve your problems.

When using an online converter tool platform, it is considered one of the most acceptable methods for dealing with various challenges and difficulties with your PDF file. One of the most promising platforms you may use is an online conversion application like PDFBear. They are a dependable online platform that can help you with the problems you’re having with your PDF files.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most excellent online tools available on their platform to help you manage your PDF files more effectively. We’ll also go through how to use their website effectively and efficiently for your electronic documents. As we provide you with the most utilized online tool from their platform, here are three of the most used online converter tools from PDFBear.

How To Password Protect Your PDF File

When it comes to handling your electronic documents, such as PDF files, one of the most critical aspects that you should worry about is the security features that help to protect the contents and information within your document. Hence, having your PDF file secured at all types of costs should put it on top of your best interest.

The best way to make your PDF file secure from the unfortunate events that your document might get into is to put an encrypted password into your PDF file. You can use the online tool PDFBear protect to help you place an encrypted password into your PDF file. This will limit the number of people and control the audience that may open your document. Here is how you can use this online tool.

  • Upload the PDF file that you want to be more secure.
  • You can now type in your preferred password for your PDF file.
  • If everything comes in your best interest, click “Encrypt PDF.”
  • Lastly, download your documents or copy the URL provided and directly send it to your recipient.

How To Delete PDF Pages In Your PDF File

The online tool Delete PDF Pages is the next one you should use to work with your PDF files. You may also obtain PDF files containing superfluous pages unrelated to the contents and information you want from the document. If you need to delete specific pages from a PDF file, this online application will come in handy.

Delete PDF Pages Online is a free online tool that allows you to delete PDF pages. You will minimize the file size of your document by deleting the pages from your PDF file. This can help you save space in your storage by allowing you to store more documents and apps. Given its modest file size, you may easily upload and distribute your document in a much more effective method. Here’s how to put this online tool to work for your electronic document’s best interest.

  • Upload the document that has pages that you want to remove and make the document transform into a more manageable size.
  • Select the pages from your document that you wish to get rid of.
  • If you’re ready to move on to the next stage, select “Delete PDF Pages.”
  • The freshly converted document may then be downloaded into any storage place you want to store your document.

How To Compress Your PDF File Size

When using electronic documents as your primary way of sharing and preserving documents, you will encounter difficulties like having insufficient storage space for your documents. This is one of the most common types of problems when handing in your electronic documents.

You will need to use the online tool Compress PDF file to help you shrink the file size of your PDF file. This will be a good advantage for you to put more documents into your storage and allows you to transfer your documents online quickly. However, this might damage the quality of the images found inside your PDF file, which you should always consider.

  • Upload your document into the PDFBear system.
  • Choose the option you want to use.
  • Your document will be scanned and compressed.
  • Download it into your storage.


When handling your electronic documents, especially with PDF files, an online platform like PDFBear comes in handy to help you with your difficulties. Hence, having PDFBear at your side when handling electronic documents can be beneficial in making you more productive and efficient with your electronic documents.

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