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Natural Yet Effective Ways That Aid in Ending Sleepless Nights

Found yourself still staring at the ceiling when the first light of morning peeped through your window? It seems like insomnia has knocked on your door. We all are familiar with the uneasy feeling caused the next day when we can’t sleep at night, right? It’s frustrating, irritating and a mixture of all the bad feelings in the world. Your body stays tired the whole day, your productivity decreases, and everything around you annoys you, all because of your sleep! Basically, your daily functioning is directly related to your sleep which is hampered when you keep tossing and turning in bed all night long. Well, occasional sleepless nights are a natural phenomenon until it changes to insomnia. Insomnia is a matter of laughing until it strikes you. It can be short-lived or a long term one, but it’s never fun. 

Bye-bye sleepless night

Insomnia symptoms can happen to anyone depending upon the lifestyle, diet and age of a person. The most common reason being stress and overthinking; when the mind races faster than horses, it’s difficult to keep eyes shut. If you think the sleepless nights have become more frequent, maybe it’s time to try home remedies for it. Can’t see yourself as a person who counts sheep when you can’t fall asleep? Well, you don’t have to because in that care, you can try natural sleep supplements. Similarly, below are a few natural remedies that are proved to be effective to cure insomnia. 

Practice power-down hour

By now, you must have understood that sleep does not have an on and off switch. Sometimes you need to discipline your life to patch things up with it. Experts suggest practising power down for an hour. This last hour before your bedtime should be divided into three parts. The first 20 minutes are to complete your must-do tasks like arranging clothes for the next day, etc. the next 20 minutes are for closing the daily activities like brushing, changing into comfy PJs, etc. In the last 20 minutes, you must be lying in bed, meditating and pushing away all the negative thoughts or overthinking. 

Bring plants home

Another thing that you can do to induce sleep is bringing plants home. Not just any plants, but ether is a separate category of plants that are known to induce sleep in humans. Lavender, peace lily, snake plants are some common names that work great for this condition. The best thing is that there are indoor plants. Thus, you can totally keep them at the side of your bed and enjoy a night of better sleep. 

All-natural sleep supplements

There are tons of sleeping pills that you can pop in your mouth every night. But it’s not a permanent solution, nor is having too many pills actually good for your health. You can still take the help of pills without getting their side effects by switching to all-natural herbs for sleep. Yes, there are herbs that put you to sleep like a baby. These aren’t addictive and don’t come with ill effects on the health. 

Eat pro sleep foods

As already mentioned, your diet plays a role in your sleep patterns. On days with low sleep time, Eating pills is not enough; some more things that should be added to your diet are the pro sleep foods. These foods contain compounds that make you feel drowsy. Add Almonds, salmon, low-fat milk, bananas, whole grain crackers, cherries are some foods to your diet. 

These are some natural ways to bring back those sleepy golden days. 

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