Karis Jagger

Karis Jagger- The Love Child Of A World Renowned Rockstar

Karis Jagger is the daughter of one of the most renowned musicians of this era, Mick Jagger. 


Karis Jagger

Mick rose to fame as the front man of one of the most enduring & popular English Rock bands of all time, The Rolling Stones. A founding member of the band, he quickly became an icon of the counterculture and mesmerized audiences with his powerful vocals & visceral on-stage antics.


Karis Jagger with father Mick Jagger

Brown Sugar’ 

Karis was conceived after Mick met  American actress, singer, songwriter Marsha Hunt. Marsha was invited to collaborate with Rolling Stones for a  Rolling Stones advertisement for the song  “ Honky Tonk Woman.” Despite her refusals, she joined them, and that’s when she met Mick Jagger, leading to a ten-month affair.

If you have ever heard Rolling Stones controversial hit song, ‘Brown Sugar,’ you will know that it’s all about Mick’s passionate relationship with Marsha Hunt.


The Brown Sugar Vinyl

Due to numerous social reasons, their relationship was primarily private, and Marsha was soon pregnant with their child. Karis Hunt Jagger was born on November 4, 1970, in New York City. She was born in the city of London, England, in the United Kingdom. 

Mick and Marsha intended to have Karis but had no wish to live together. Marsha was married, and Mick felt that he did not love her enough to spend the rest of his life with her.

Mick and Marsha separated in 1970, and Mick denied being the father. In 1973, when Karis was two years old, her mother, Marsha Hunt, went to court in New York and filed an affiliation order against Mick. The matter was finally resolved out of court. 

Despite denying paternity claims, Mick Jagger established a trust fund for his daughter Karis, paying $17 a week for her support until she turned 21.


Karis with mom Marsha

Karis Jagger: Her Life and Relationships

Karis Jagger grew up in a middle-class celebrity household, aspiring to be an actress.  She was interested in acting and traveling as a child. A gifted and hard-working student in school, Karis received her diploma from Bedales School, a boarding school in the United Kingdom. In 1992, she earned a bachelor’s degree in modern history from Yale University.

Karis also has seven half-siblings from her father’s many relationships. Jagger is the half-sister of seven children: Jade, Elizabeth, James, Georgia, Gabriel, Lucas Maurice Morad, and Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger. 


Mick with Karis and most of his children

Karis Hunt Jagger is currently 50 years old, a stunning tall lady with dark eyes and long, black hair. Unlike her father, she has been married to her husband, Jonathan M. Watson, for a long time.

Karis and Her Father, Mick

Karis and her father, Mick Jagger, grew close with time. He accompanied her on a family vacation during her adolescence and attended Kari’s Yale University graduation and wedding. In addition, he was there with her when she gave birth to her son in 2004.


Mick and Marsha at Karis’ wedding

Karis supported her father when his long-time partner, fashion designer, L’Wren Scot, was discovered dead on March 17, 2014. She helped him throughout and reportedly helped him fight through those depressing times.

Her family was highly involved in her funeral, and during the burial ceremony, she recited a poem in her memory, and her children, Zak and Mazie, read psalms.

From her father’s side, Karis Jagger has seven half-siblings: Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger, Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Scarlett Jagger, James Leroy Augustin Jagger, Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger, and Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger.

Karis Hunt Jagger is an avid philanthropist and volunteers for the charity. After dating for two years, she married Jonathan M. Watson in 2000. The couple has two children named Zak Watson and Mazie Watson. She is extremely private about her relationships and is dedicated to her personal life & work. Karis resides in Scotland currently with her husband and children.

Karis Jagger Career and Achievements 

Though she tried her hand at acting at an early age, Karis soon chose a teacher’s career. Her former career in show business involved a few on-screen productions of reputation. She began her career as a production assistant and actor in 1998 for the film Patch Adams. Her dedicated and outstanding performance impressed people around the industry.

Her rave performance in her debut film brought in several film offers. Since then, until her career pivot, Karis appeared in numerous films such as Man on the Moon, Sweet November, Patch Adams, and The Rainmaker.

Karis Jagger is also a dedicated humanitarian. Both Mick and Karis Jagger are volunteers for charitable foundations such as UNHCR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, and the Prince’s Trust.

And, that’s about it for this article on Karis Jagger, the disowned biracial daughter of Mick Jagger, who helped him strive through his darkest hours. 

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