Insiders Tip on How to Avoid Hair Clogs in Your Drains

Insiders Tip on How to Avoid Hair Clogs in Your Drains

Nothing – by that, we mean absolutely nothing is worse than standing In monkey dirty water thanks to the clog of pesky hair in your shower drain. Even just picturing that time age can put many of us off. And quite honestly, no matter everything we do, it’s kind of impossible to keep the hair from clumping together on top of the drains and causing the water to just painfully seep down at a slow pace. Shaving your legs can be especially Tiresome and a huge store if you have to keep worrying about the clogs in your drains after it. However, these insider tips can prevent these hair clogs in your drains and eliminate them from occurring time and again. Plumber in Ormeau are experts who can impart knowledge on the prevention of her clothes in your drains.

How to prevent hair logs in your drains?

Often the best way to stop any problem is by taking many precautionary and preventive measures to mitigate the likelihood of it happening in the first place. Expert plumbing professionals from plumbers in Ormeau have seen it all and know the best techniques to prevent hair clogs in your drains.

These are some of the prevention measures that you should take: 

  • Installing Drain Covers –

 often the easiest way to solve or prevent clogging of your dreams is by purchasing a drain screen at any hardware home good store and placing them in your tub or the shower. There are so many even dream screens designed to trap hair, especially at hardware stores.

  • Ensure to Remove Hair from the Sink and Showers – 

even before you head to your shower or bath, ensure to brush the loose hair from falling into the top floor or the bathroom floor. They could lead to any of the drain outlets. Wipe away all of the hair that collects at the end of your drain, and it will not clog your drain.

  • Ensure to Flush your Drains – 

doing this could take a bit of family coordination to accomplish this task. You will have to close all bathtubs and shower drains as well as sink drains and then feel each of these terms with warm water. You should get someone to stand next to each of these drains and toilet and at the same time, and you could open the drains and flush all the toilets of all of these drains at once.

All of these prevention methods can help you keep from pulling her out of your clogged drains. However, one can still fall victim to slow-moving water from pesky drains. 

In case any of this doesn’t work, you could always get a plumber near you to clear your drains. 

What Can You Do To Remove Hair Clogs From Your Drains?

Sometimes the amount of prevention that you take could not work. And your dream does get locked out of control of your tasks. You could do these tricks to remove clogs: 

  • Grab a Plunger – 

Plungers are around just for clogged toilets; we can even be used to suck out here and other debris from the drain. 

  • Using a Natural Solution – 

The use of harsh chemical solutions could do more harm than good to a drain. So instead, using natural methods such as pouring boiling water with baking soda and vinegar could allow for unclogging drains. 

  • Using Hands – 

Lastly, if you have installed a dream screen, then you will need to remove debris from it periodically. All you need is a pair of good gloves to manually pull out hair and remove the clog. 

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