Industrial Style Décor

Industrial Style Décor: What Are The Lifestyle Advantages?

The industrial style décor is inspired by repurposed factories from the industrial revolution and has since become a global phenomenon in the world of interior design. It embraces design choices such as exposed architectural elements like pipes and brickwork, with a minimalist design philosophy in mind. But, what are the lifestyle advantages? Is the industrial style all it’s cracked up to be or is it merely a gimmick? Let’s take a closer look…

What are the lifestyle advantages of interior style décor? 

Depending on your tastes, there are a number of different advantages to interior style décor, such as:

  • An amplitude of space: the industrial style décor is particularly attractive in smaller rooms and spaces as it can be used to amplify the space. By arranging the different elements within a home using the industrial style, you can multiply the space visually. High ceilings and a continuity of space are just some of the ways in which the industrial style can achieve this. Another great way to amplify space in a smaller room is by utilising full length mirrors
  • Draw out the history of a building: by enhancing the aesthetic charm of the existing, historic infrastructure of a property, you can make the very elements themselves decorative. For example, exposed brickwork becomes an interior canvass, and ceiling beams the eye-catching framework. This style invites you to rescue the original beauty of a space and its aged appeal is synonymous with charm. 
  • Can be combined with other styles: while industrial décor is a style in and of itself, it can easily be paired with other styles and thus enhanced. For example, the rural Thai industrial style is the perfect marriage of décor, yielding some truly authentic results. 
  • Let there be light: another charming benefit the industrial style décor brings is an abundance of natural lighting. Large windows draw in natural light, which then remains in the space for longer, revitalising the beauty of each exposed element. This is particularly helpful for those who work from home, as the natural light can serve as an excellent concentration bolstering tool! 
  • Neutral hues: the industrial style relies on neutral hues from natural elements, which provides a plethora of psychological benefits (see colour psychology). For example, the colour brown is associated with safety, security, dependability, warmth, and comfort; black with elegance, modernism, and sophistication; grey with strength, power, simplicity, and productivity; and white with tranquillity, peace, and harmony.  

Final thoughts 

All in all, the industrial style décor can bring a variety of lifestyle advantages to your home. Not only that, but when paired with other beautiful styles you can truly master your space. The best part? You don’t need to look at warehouses and factories for sale in Thailand to enjoy a rural Thai and industrial style aesthetic. In fact, there are plenty of existing residential buildings in Thailand that are prime for stripping back and transforming into a stunning industrial styled space with echoes of Thailand’s distinct architectural fingerprint.

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