Include low-Carb no Sugar Snacks in your Keto Meal Plan!

The abrupt lifestyle and unmonitored eating habits of individuals lead to serious health issues in the long term. Some of the commonly consumed food products contain ingredients that are not required by a body on a daily basis, such as sugar or carbohydrates. The intake of sugar and carbohydrate shall be monitored minutely to eliminate the chances of associated illnesses. The majority of individuals consume alarming amounts of sugar on a regular basis through different unhealthy foods. This can lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels and contribute to the increasing body weight. Considering these health issues, people planning to cut sugar from their meals have started following a less carb, no sugar diet. The low sugar diet is gaining immense popularity among individuals due to its effectiveness in losing weight and leading a healthful life. 

Taking into account the growing demand for healthy food products and snacks, manufacturers have started making low carb no sugar snacks. Along with being completely healthy, the low-carb no sugar snacks are free from adulterants or preservatives. 

Why should you cut sugar from your diet?

The majority of the cal required by the human body is consumed by individuals solely through sugar-based food items. Not even the natural sugars contained in fruits and milk, but people tend to include refined sugars in their daily meals. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to harmful illnesses like:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Body inflammation
  • Fatty liver
  • High cholesterol 

If not monitored on time, these illnesses can give rise to life-threatening diseases. Individuals can replace refined sugars with healthful options to calm their sugar cravings without consuming calories.

Code names of sugar on the food product labels?

You must know the variable names of sugar printed on the readymade food products to cut it off from your meals. Below listed are some of the commonly used names for sugar:

  • Glucose
  •  Sucrose
  •  Lactose
  •  Fructose
  •  Dextrose
  •  maltose 

Once you learn to identify the forms of sugar present in packed food items, it becomes easier to avoid buying them. 

How can you cut down sugar from your meals? 

1. Go Slowly

While altering your regular diet, the most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid bringing abrupt changes. Going from a diet full of sugar to one without any should be a gradual process. Food items to avoid from your daily diet can primarily include baked products like cakes, brownies, pastries, etc., or other treats like candies and sugary beverages. Moreover, you can also cut down or reduce the quantity of sugar added to your regular tea or coffee. If you love munching in between your meals, try the low carb keto snacks, which are healthy and delicious alternatives to chips and chocolates. 

2. Avoid Artificial Sugars 

Artificial Sugars are much sweeter than sugar-containing fewer calories but do not have much of a reputation in the diet industry. This is because feeding artificial sugar to the body increases the sugar craving, making it more difficult for them to stick to a no sugar diet gradually. 

Furthermore, avoiding sugary drinks or sweet processed food products is necessary while following a no sugar diet plan. Sweet beverages usually have added sugar in the form of syrups which adds to the calorie content of your meal. Alternatively, you can replace sweetened beverages with herbal tea, black tea, black coffee, and sparkling mineral water to stay hydrated without consuming calories. Here is the list of processed and sweetened beverages you must avoid: 

  • Soda
  • Canned fruit juices
  •  Flavored tea
  •  Flavored coffee
  •  Hot chocolate

If you are looking to invest in healthy snacks to calm your crazy sugar cravings, buy nutritious and delicious low carb low sugar snacks from Munk Pack!

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