How To Up Your Lightsaber Dueling Game?

How To Up Your Lightsaber Dueling Game?

The epic showdown between Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace has inspired generations of lightsaber enthusiasts.


Opinions about the film may vary, but there’s no denying the phenomenon ignited when audiences witnessed the mesmerizing, gravity-defying moves of a double-bladed Sith apprentice.

Today, entire tournaments and professional leagues are all about lightsaber dueling.

So, you might be wondering where to begin to become a pro.

How can you enhance your saber skills and become as formidable as your favorite Jedi or Sith?

It all starts with the right equipment, which means you must buy dueling lightsabers.

Becoming a Pro with Lightsaber Combat

It all begins with the basics. 

Crafted Lightsaber Blade

All you need is a professionally crafted lightsaber blade, and make sure you are choosing the right one. 

Further, you need to dig deeper to know about the specifics to know about its usage and details. 

Invest in Protective Gear

Many high-quality lightsabers designed for dueling can provide a perfect strike. 

You definitely don’t want to feel the wrath of a 6’3″ Yoda cosplayer wielding a lightsaber longer than your body.

Get Yourself Protective Gloves, Comfortable Shoes, Helmets, and Padding

It is important to keep eye protection and mouth guards in your gear. 

A good rule of thumb is to cover your body similarly to those practicing Kendo (the way of the sword) or Olympic fencing.

Keep First Aid Kit

Lastly, ensure you have a first aid kit on hand and ample space to begin your training. 

As for the actual combat techniques, it will require some research.

One golden rule: always familiarize yourself with the rules of different lightsaber dueling matches. 

Keep it simple if you’re not part of an official club or organization. Avoid strikes to sensitive areas like the groin, throat, or face. 

When a point is scored, make sure both players openly acknowledge it. Most importantly, safety and respect – both go side by side in the world of dueling lightsabers. 

Lightsaber Strikes vs. the Fury of a Hurricane

In the world of lightsaber combat, there are huge online resources and free instructional videos waiting for those eager to master the art of wielding this legendary weapon.

These teachings draw inspiration from a diverse array of sword techniques, spanning from the Dark Ages of England to the rugged mountains of feudal Japan and beyond.

Your journey commences with the mastery of fundamental footwork, simple strikes, and combinations, all while honing your skills with a single-bladed lightsaber.

The essence lies not in swiftly defeating adversaries in your initial encounters but in achieving a seamless synergy between yourself and your weapon.

The key is to reshape a profound connection that allows the lightsaber to glide in perfect harmony with your every move as you navigate the realms of time and space.

Once you’ve solidified your grip on the fundamentals, the path to mastery unveils itself through the exploration of advanced techniques.

Remember, the most effective way to embrace these maneuvers is through hands-on practice with a sparring partner or a trusted friend by your side.

Recording your practice sessions on video can also offer invaluable insights into your stance, footwork, and overall presentation.

Among the renowned advanced techniques to explore:

  • Defense Cut: It’s a sneaky but powerful cut starting from a defensive position. You bring your opponent closer before making a strong circular swing.
  • The Hurricane: Imagine a lightning-fast series of moves, including quick jumps and multiple slicing motions, both for offense and defense.
  • The Tempest: This move involves wide, sweeping motions with your lightsaber, meant to create opportunities to attack by disrupting your opponent’s defenses.
  • Dragon’s Tail: It’s a captivating move where you slice through your opponent’s shoulder and then swiftly sweep back across their lower limbs.

These are just a glimpse into the array of advanced techniques, with many more, such as – 

  • The Charley, 
  • Davenriche, 
  • Lightening, and 
  • the iconic Obi-Ani, waiting to be explored. 

In the realm of Artsabers lightsaber combat, the possibilities are as boundless as the stars themselves.