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How to Custom Rigid Boxes for Discounted Apparel Products

Shoppers love discounted deals and flash sales. You can sell more and better by offering frequent price reductions on your apparel items. Be it the holiday season, Valentine’s, Easter, midsummer or Mother’s Day, customers look out to clothing brands that make shopping fun for them by announcing discounts. Creating delightful and memorable experiences for the buyers through scintillating and worth keeping packaging would get you repeat buyers. Sagaciously utilize the boxes for indorsing the individuality of your fashion wear manufacturing company. You can improve consumer outreach through smart packaging, so don’t undermine the significance of merchandise boxes. 

Custom rigid box packaging for apparel sale items can be made striking. Market the various offers through boxes to pique the interest of potential shoppers. Packaging that says “get flat 20 percent off on women and kids wear” would aid you with getting online and walk-in customers. Boxes printed with details about the kind of clothing items and accessories you have would incline the buyers to explore them all. Seek assistance and services from a packaging expert for adding glam and impact to your boxes. You should compare the skills of some well-reputed printers and choose one that is most competent and have a client-centric attitude.

Discuss your product collection in detail with the vendor and share your inclinations about the packaging style and customizations. If you really like box layout of a competitor, show it to the printing provider. 

Tips in the post will help you with printing boxes that will leave an imprint on customers!

Come up with an Aesthetically Appealing Packaging Design 

Custom rigid boxes for apparel saver deals should be printed with lively and coruscating artwork variations. Suggest the graphics team to use themes, patterns and illustrations that complement the formal, casual wear and leather/metal accessories that can be purchased at a reduced price. Messages like “Happy Shopping” can be printed on packaging. Use variety of colors and font styles for packaging the various items so that consumers can pick their favorite colored box.

Worthwhile Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Packaging for apparel has to be resilient and spacious enough to support the packaged items and keep them safely stored for a long time. Cardstock, paperboard and kraft are the material options you have for rigid boxes. Read up on these stocks on the internet or ask the printer to give you an insight about thickness, flexibility and other specifications to assist you with making a calculated choice. Box style should be chosen considering the practicality and user-friendliness. Don’t select a layout that is just nice to look at. 

Packaging with Instructive and Interesting Content 

Boxes for jumpsuits, denim and other items having washing, ironing and dry cleaning instructions would enable the customers to retain and protect the texture of fabric. You can have bohemian, music, and other themed packaging for getting the shoppers hooked to your offers. uk time

Size chart and your store locations must be printed prominently on the boxes and bags, provide active and updated contact info as well. 

Use Creative Ways to Pack Casual Discounted Apparel  

Compared to formal clothing, lightweight and casual apparel do not require much protection. Just neatly fold them prior to placing them in your custom rigid boxes to minimize wrinkles and make a good first impression upon unboxing. You could use these smart ways to package your casual discounted apparel. 

  • Carefully fold the clothing so it can perfectly fit in the custom rigid box packaging you are using. It will also keep wrinkles to minimum. 
  • Using a plastic bag would be a good idea as it can keep the single shirts well protected inside the box. 
  • Make sure to seal the plastic bag. Tape works well in this regard. 
  • In the case of pants, fold it at least three or four times to ensure you are not wrinkling them in the process. 
  • Make use of the plastic bag to keep them safe during transportation and handling. 
  • Be sure to use the rigid packages that are large enough to fit your products with plastic bags. Also, the boxes should be sturdy enough that can aptly carry your clothing items. 
  • And don’t forget to place a shipping label on your packaging. 

Following these strategies, you can make your clothing more presentable, help you protect them, control your costs, and take full advantage of your shipping. If you lack the skills, equipment, or experience to craft special packaging for your brand, then there is no harm in considering to seek professional help as it will take the load off you.    

There are rigid box manufacturers USA that you can trust for getting quick and reasonable wholesale printing solutions. Take a tour of the market and get price quote for your print job from some vendors. For impeccably manufactured packaging, try out the Legacy Printing. You can have your order printed and shipped in just 8-12 days. Message or call the team for detailed answers to your queries!

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