How Do Students Live in Dorms?

Student housing is a complex and often difficult thing to navigate. Dorms are a normal part of life for most college students, and there are different dorm room styles. Students typically share bedrooms with one or two other roommates in a traditional dorm. Students have single rooms with private bathrooms at some colleges, while others still have multiple bedrooms within one suite. Some dorms even have private kitchens and living rooms where roommates can spend time together.

Students living in on-campus housing must perform well to compete for the housing board and live on campus. KSU requires all students in the residence halls to have a meal plan and participate in the housing food plan.

The Dorm Life

The students of Kennesaw State University live in the residence halls throughout their college life. Most students do not move out of the dorms until they graduate. As a result, they get to experience and be a part of every school tradition and lifestyle built over the years.

Marietta apartments are designed to provide the students of KSU with everything they need. Students living in Marietta apartments can invite their friends, create memories, succeed confidently, and live conveniently. The pet-friendly apartments have stainless steel appliances, an in-unit washer and dryer, a 55-inch HD TV, private bathrooms for each bedroom, and electronic locks. The apartments also offer optional roommate matching, individual leases, and utilities, making your college lifestyle even more convenient.

Residence life provides current students with activities and events that promote academic achievement, leadership skills, and personal development. The fact is that living on campus provides students with an enormous amount of support they may not be able to find within a family environment.

Special Interest Housing Options

There are several housing options which include:

Academy for Inclusive Learning

These apartments accommodate students with different intellectual or developmental abilities who do not meet the university requirements for admission to learn besides degree-seeking students and live in the residence halls simultaneously.

Stonewall Housing

The Stonewall Housing program is an on-campus, year-round housing community that provides an alternative living environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students.


The ASCEND program is for homeless students that have been admitted to KSU. The ASCEND program is available to provide housing to students, though the student must be accepted into the program through an application. The ASCEND program provides necessities to students who have no other means of support and does not cost anything.

Wellness Community

The KSU wellness community is a holistic health and wellness support system for the Kennesaw State University community. The goal of the wellness community is to be holistic in approach by offering all aspects of wellness through meditation practice, yoga, and massage workshops.

Advantages of Dorm Life

Convenience of Student Accommodation

The first major advantage of student dormitories is that they are convenient to locate and offer easy access to university facilities. They have good security, intercom systems, and maintenance service. There are study rooms and seminar rooms on-site and a laundry room with washing machines and dryers for the convenience of students.

Social Aspect

Students living in dormitories get to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds studying there. They can also start new friendships by sharing a dorm room with other students.

Reduced Cost of Living

On-campus housing is cheaper and more convenient for students. In addition to being nearer the campus, it is likely to be closer to the dining halls, convenience stores, campus center, and other buildings that students frequent regularly. This helps students save on transportation costs.

Interesting and Popular Dorms’ Neighborhood

Dorms’ neighborhoods are among the most interesting and popular sites at KSU. For instance, Copper Social is near the KSU student apartments. Pet-friendly student apartments in Marietta are located between KSU Stadium and Town Center, placing you within walking distance of the KSU Campus, shopping, and dining. Students living in KSU student apartments can also make a quick drive into Atlanta for big-city entertainment, which is four miles away.

Students at Kennesaw State University have a lot to choose from regarding housing. While each has its unique feel, and some are designated for specific majors, every dorm or apartment building has its dining hall.

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