Here Is All You Need to Know About Drain Plumbing Issues

Why do drainage systems create trouble despite being designed by professional architects? This thing always comes to mind whenever we notice an overflow due to blockage in the bathroom or kitchen. This is among the least expected situations at home and causes several inconveniences for everyone. The drainage system is meant for flushing out unwanted things. Despite a modern design and adequate space for drainage, still we have to face clogging issues. Do you know why it happens? Is it necessary to hire a trained plumbing professional? We will answer all these questions below. First of all, let’s understand the most common reasons for drainage clogging. 

Major Reasons For Drainage System Clogging

  1. Hydrogenated Oil Sticking

While cleaning utensils, we also drain out a lot of oily substances through the drainage system. During the winter season, the oil gradually sticks to the internal walls of the drainage system. It attracts debris that gradually builds up on the turning points of the drainage system where water pressure remains low. Gradual build-up of waste material in the drainage pipe causes clogging issues. 

  1. Flushed Out Inflatable Things

If you are flushing out inflatable things like sanitary pads and temples, they will definitely cause severe clogging issues. They can inflate twice or thrice of their actual size. So, sanitary pads need years to decompose. After inflating in a joint of the drainage system, it also blocks other waste material to pass through. 

  1. Kids Activities

During the vacation period, your kids can be the reasons for drainage clogging. Sometimes, they unintentionally drop toys and other solid things in the flushing system. Such kind of stuff is nonbiodegradable and also cannot be flushed with chemicals. Therefore, keep an eye on the activities of your kids during summer vacations. 

  1. Roots Infestation

Trees outside your home can also with the reasons for hiring a drain plumbing professional. In search of water, the roots of trees find a path through the microcracks in a drainage pipe. Once the roots manage to reach inside the pipe, they multiply quickly for better water consumption. Consequently, you have to face the problem of clogging. 

Some Diy Techniques For Unclogging Drainage System

  1. Pour a few hot water buckets to flush our debris in the kitchen during the winter season. If the clogging had occurred due to the hydrogenated oil, it will clean away. 
  2. Use a drain snake to reach the difficult areas. Maybe it can unclog the pipes blocked by inflatable sanitary pads and hair. 
  3. A solution of baking soda, vinegar and hot water can also help in unclogging your drainage system. 

Professional help

If you don’t have enough time to implement those DIY techniques or they fail to serve the purpose, get the assistance of a professional plumber. Below are some tips to consider.

  1. Always go with the option of a certified plumbing agency instead of an individual. 
  2. Make sure that they have modern plumbing equipment such as CCTV drains make and advanced Insinkerator tools. 
  3. Try to find a plumbing agency providing emergency support 24X7. 

The issues of commercial buildings differ from residential buildings. While hiring a plumber for handling the drainage issue of commercial buildings, carefully check the experience and expertise.

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