GogoPDF: How To Utilize Some Of Its Excellent And Useful Tools

PDF is known for being one of the most excellent platforms. It’s a file format that is primarily used in almost all work-related tasks. With that, several online tools were created by web experts to help people with their PDF-related tasks. One of these tools that you can find online is the GogoPDF.

The GogoPDF tool is commonly used by many since it has easy-to-follow procedures and straightforward steps. In addition, it offers several tools that can help you with your file format modification job. Here are some excellent tools that you can use in GogoPDF online: 

File Conversion Tool

Converting different file formats into a PDF file is one of the most necessary methods that you need to do to have a safer and more convenient file. For example, if you have a file in MS Word format, you will need to print this file. However, you have to convert it first into a PDF format so that your file’s format, such as lines and texts, will not be altered.

The process of converting Word to PDF will not be possible if you do not have the right tool. One of the tools that you can find online that has good reviews is the GogoPDF. Using its Word to PDF tool, you can convert your MS Word file using the most straightforward steps. Also, the entire process can be done in just a few clicks! 

To start, you have to choose a file from your device and put it in GogoPDF’s system. Once done, the system will automatically process and analyze your file. The time required in this process will only take a minute or less if you have a strong internet signal or connection. After the conversion, you can click your file and start downloading it. 

Moreover, if you need to convert other file formats such as Excel, PPT, HTML, and JPG into a PDF file, you can follow the same steps. Using GogoPDF’s tool, you can also convert your PDF file into different editable file formats. The stages in doing it are all the same. Hence, with GogoPDF, converting other file formats would be easy.

How To Unlock A PDF File

Inserting a password to a PDF file is common nowadays. With this, you can be sure that other people will not have any access to your file. The only problem that you might encounter in the future is when you forget your file’s password. With this, you should remove your file’s password to not be facing such a problem in the future. 

Once you decide to remove your file’s password, you must search for a reliable tool to simplify this task. Using GogoPDF’s Unlock PDF tool, you can easily decrypt your password-protected PDF file using the easiest and the most manageable steps. Furthermore, you don’t have to comply with any hard-to-follow procedures when using this tool.

All you have to do in the step is to navigate your password-encrypted PDF file and put it in GogoPDF’s tool. Once done, GogoPDF will start analyzing and decrypting your PDF file. In less than a minute, your file will be ready. The final process is to click your file’s link and start downloading your new decrypted PDF file. 

How To Compress A PDF File

Once you have a huge file size, you would probably observe that it takes a longer time to send it online. The solution to this problem is by compressing your file’s size using GogoPDF’s Compress PDF too. Also, once you compress your file, you can save a lot of memory on your device. Hence, your device would run smoother. 

To start compressing your file, you need to navigate it from your device and place it in GogoPDF’s system. After that, GogoPDF will start the process. First, it will analyze and compress your file in the quickest possible way. Normally, it would take a minute or less. Once done, you can click your file’s link and start downloading it. 

Security Features 

If you have files that have confidential information, you don’t have to worry when using GogoPDF. Their system deletes your file automatically an hour after your transactions. With this, your file’s safety will not be compromised. 


The tools mentioned above are among the many features that you can use in GogoPDF. Also, GogoPDF offers a free-trial promo for a limited time only! You can avail of its promo once you check out their website. Once you visit their website, you can also see the available tools to help you with your file format modification tasks. Try it now!

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