Data Mapping

Everything You Need To Know About Data Mapping

Data mapping refers to the set of instructions that are made by merging the information from multiple data sets into one single table configuration for deriving useful insights.

Generally, no two data sources have the same configuration so whenever we want to combine two or more data sources into a data warehouse, we need to link them together through a data mapping tool.

Importance of Data Mapping

Data mapping helps to empower your business intelligence platform. This basically leads to the best possible insights for the company. To do this, information from one or more data inventory sets are mapped together to obtain a target output.

Necessity of Data Mapping

Data professionals make use of data mapping tools in order to attain assistance in three basic areas.

  • Data Integration for Data Warehousing

During integration of data in the data warehouse, data mapping tools help with connections between sources and data warehouses’ target tables. The process begins with examining the source information and table configurations that apply to it. Data integration also considers the definition of rules that govern mapping and integration processes. Most of the organisations use automated data mapping technology for mapping the source information to target configuration.

  • Data Transformation

Second reason why you need a data mapping tool is for transformation of data. Data transformation involves taking data in a particular structure and then converting it into another format. The whole process of transformation of data includes data type conversions, elimination of duplicate information, enrichment of data, and performing aggregations.

  • Data Migration

Data migration refers to transfer of data from one repository to another. And data mapping is one of the stages of this mitigation. Before we stepped into automated data mapping technology, creating a data map manually was one of the most challenging aspects of the migration process. With the emergence of automated tools, a lot of time was saved and errors were prevented.

Automated Data Mapping

Fully automated data mapping tools help the companies with features like drag and drop, graphical interface, easy data mapping procedure conduction and much more. The tools used in automated data mapping offer out of the box integration and allow automatic mapping in several formats like Google Sheets, Hubspot, Salesforce etc.

With fully automated mapping platforms you need no technical knowledge. Even non coders can operate these tools with complete efficiency.

To conclude, all we would want you to recognise is the need for data mapping tools. There are several excellent data mapping tools available to help you get through your data integration, migration and transformation bottlenecks.

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