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Discuss One of the Most Neglected Topics In Dry Eye Conversation – Nighttime Dry Eye

When it comes to dry eye conditions, most people Neglect the topic of nighttime dry eyes. Most people assume that one’s eye shouldn’t be taken care of when one sleeps. After all, one doesn’t use their eyes while sleeping. Surprisingly enough, a number of adults can certify that one needs the most amount of help while they’re sleeping in the nighttime. This is the reason behind which the best sleep mask in 2021 was invented to help those undergoing dry eye during the nighttime. By using this electric heated dry eye mask, one can easily manage their dry eye issues while sleeping.

Before all that, it is important to understand what causes nighttime dry eyes. here is an attempt to make you understand what causes nighttime dry eye: 

  • Nocturnal Lagophthalmos

This issue occurs as one tries to close their eyelid, and it doesn’t close all the way during sleep time. Even when the eyelid is slightly open, it can lead to a massive amount of dry eye as a result of the evaporation of the tears from the eyes. However, due to impartial late closure, it can also naturally prevent tears from spreading across the eye in a proper manner. Diagnosing this condition is essential as it is not diagnosed; one can experience severe corneal erosions that occur one after the other.

  • Compromised lid seal

The very first time this was diagnosed was in the year 2015, and a very recent study found that this condition affects around 79% of all dry eye patients. It occurs due to the issue with the upper and the lower lid does not seal down perfectly. It could also be as a result of the lower lid being secured on the upper lid, and thus it sticks out further than an underbite.

  • Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which one could stop breathing throughout the sleep. This could lead to severe nighttime dry eye conditions in a couple of different manners. Firstly, it could lead to a lack of oxygenation of the optic nerve head during the time one Sleeps. Secondly, one of the most common treatments for sleep apnoea is the use of a CPAP mask that covers both the nose and the mouth. This mask is effective in treating sleep and apnea; however, it often doesn’t create a perfect seal, In which case, the air leaks near the eye area and causes dry eyes as a result of this minor flaw in machinery.

  • Floppy eyes syndrome

This is one of the rarest of issues than any of the other mentioned ailments. This occurs as a result of extensive little laxity wherein the eyelids 10 to flip over during sleep as a result of excessive rubbing against the pillow, which could lead to tearing film of normality and further cause nighttime dry eyes. 

  • Aqueous Deficient Dry eyes 

This was once thought to be the leading cause of dry eye, especially during the night time, and although it has been debunked, it is still one of the leading causes of dry eye, second to meibomian gland dysfunction. This is caused due to the decrease in the production of tears within one’s eye. 

The way to curing all of this in men’s is by the help that you can get through shopping for dry eye masks. These dry eye sleep masks can help you significantly recover from dry eye conditions.

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